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  1. In our case we had to have two routers. One from the ISP whey they do not provide with WIFI ability. I had to creae an IF..THEN statement that determined if the user was on the local network (192.168,1.x) or remote which was a 10.10.x.x address. Once that was done it worked.
  2. I have a windows 7 box running Filemaker Server 13 and Supercontainer 2.896. I followed the instructions for installing SC with FM 13 and all works well both locally and remotely. However when I switch to WebDirect connection the web objects display the image correctly but the SCSetContainer command to display images in a portal only shows a red question mark. I have a modem setup that does not allow resolving our fixed IP address from within the LAN so there is a conditional statement to determine if the user is a local user or a remote user. While this works fine for fmnet connecti
  3. I found some time ago that when viewing a web object on a local network vs remotely the url had to be different such as this. NOT REAL NUMBERS.... Local = "h ttp://" Remote = "h ttp://122.432.1.84:8020/SuperContainer........." So after determining if the client was on the local network or accessing remotely the web viewer used a conditional if statement like If(Local=_true;use local url ; use remote url) ---- and this worked fine for displaying a web viewer object either being viewed locally or remotely. Now we have been forced
  4. Any body hear if this is a display problem or a thumbnail generation problem?
  5. I am not sure Supercontainer is ready for FM13. The only way I can get it to run on FM13 server is to run as a separate app. When trying to run the installer I get the following error message: Could not locate JK mount config file at C:Program FilesFilemakerFilemaker ServerAdminadmin-helperWEB-INFconfuriworkermap.properties It's right. That file does not exist in Filemaker 13 server installation. Has anybody been able to run the installer to work with FM 13 Server? David
  6. This seems to be a common problem and is worse in thumbnails displayed by supercontainer. It does not appear to be much of a problem unless the original is reduced by it being displayed as a smaller size.
  7. We will be upgrading to FM Server 13 next week. I assume the installer will need to be run again once FM 12 is removed and FM 13S is installed. Has this been tested yet? Are there anythings to watch for? Currently using Java45 which is what FM 13S recommends so there seems to be no problem there. David
  8. Is there a way to prevent Supercontainer from creating thumbnails? The thumbnails created have a horrible blue cast with streaks down the page. I would rather wait for the original.  This is part of a document where a preview of 305x543 has been created.   Â
  9. I would check the function call itself. If you have passed a null parameter for the container, included a semi colon but no item, used a path with a control character etc. If others using the same files can do the upload without a problem then I have no helpful ideas.... David
  10. I had to replace a PC running windows 7 and Filemaker Server 12 Advanced. The new dell would not install a 32 bit version of Windows 7 without huge driver problems. Re-install of all software went find after installing Windows 7. Once I installed Java(32bit) and tried to view a set of images remotely a problem occurred where I set the base URL. The routine returned an error saying it could not locate the proper location. I removed the 32 bit version of Java and installed the 64bit version and the problem was solved. Now I attempt to run Filemaker Pro on that server and I get an immediate
  11. Two things come to mind. One is there are two locations for the XML file and as I understand it both need to be changed. Second, In my history I have had to previously mount/connect to the server before the custom location could be used. I don't believe you could add the different server user and password in the url. That could be a serious security problem, Here is a typical path to the one that I always forget. (Windows 7) "C:Program FilesFileMakerFileMaker ServerWeb Publishingpublishing-enginecwpe-tomcatbinSuperContainerWEB-INFweb.xml"
  12. Many times when uploading files (using the plug-in not the web object) it returns and error of -1. It appears to complete the task of uploading so what is this error reporting? This is on Windows 7 and using the latest SC updates within Filemaker.
  13. Not where I can check right now but I just read there is an update Version 4.203 and Version 4.2 indicating compatibility with update 25
  14. Something in update 25 broke Scriptmaster on Filemaker Pro Advanced 11. Filemaker Pro 11 has no problem. Just trying to start Filemaker Pro 11 advanced crashes with a java exception and log. Only removing the plugin from the extensions folder solves the problem. I don't know the difference between Pro and Advanced Pro but that is what happens. Tried on a Mac and it crashes. Tried on a PC and it will not load???
  15. While I greatly appreciate the improvements and bug fixes on upgrades, if you are using the installer to "Upgrade" an installation with Filemaker Pro Adv. it does not remember the file path. It diverts to the default path for images. Since I have modified the path to a different location for images it is a real PIA to edit the .xml files to redo the location. Please consider having the installer read the new path first and then restore it. David
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