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  1. I have a large exam with images in many questions. To economise on space when printing, I swap the question order around. But waiting for the images to download again in preview mode after every change is a real pain! Is there a way to just leave placeholders for the images? There are four container fields, not all of which are needed for each question; I use sliding to close the gaps. Thanks to all who can advise on this. :hmm:
  2. Well, I didn't want to either needlessly complicate things or give away too much information about the exam. Sorry if I haven't been sufficiently clear. The exam is given annually and consists of about 350 questions taken from a database of 3,000 questions. This year, about 100 of the total 350 questions are ones that were used on a previous exam, and these must appear in the same place on the exam (i.e. have the same ItemNumber) as they were previously. The remaining 250 or so questions have ItemNumber fields that are blank. I need to number the blank ones, fitting them around the ones t
  3. These questions were used on a previous version of the exam; we need to leave them in the same place on the current exam for a quality assessment that we do. Since they were used before on a printed exam, two questions will not ever have the same item number.
  4. Hi, I have a test question database (3,000 records) and need to prepare a subset (about 300 questions) for the printed exam. Each question needs to be numbered serially. However, some questions have already been pre-numbered (about a third of the 300 total questions). I can't figure out how to write a script that does this. I've been struggling with setting a variable field to increment, and then compare its value to the ItemNumber field, but I just can't figure out the If statements and loops. So for example, if there are six records chosen for the exam (I can do a Find on a field c
  5. I have a database of text descriptions, each one relating to images (up to 4 images for each description). I need to print the descriptions, followed on the page by the images. I have the four web viewers underneath the text description. How can I get this to print such that if the webviewers are blank, the succeeding records move up? If I have to somehow create regular container fields to do this, can somebody explain how to do that? Many thanks!
  6. Hi, sorry, should have been more complete. My database is hosted by 360works on their server and I'm using FM 10 to manage the database. So I haven't downloaded SuperContainer.
  7. I have a database of images with a few fields to give more information about them, and a serial record ID number. The database is now moved to a commercial server (360Works) and I'm trying to add a web viewer using SuperContainer. I created the web viewer field and for the URL I put in "http://mydatabase.360works.com:8020/SuperContainer/Files/" & mydatabase::slide number This seems to go okay. But then I click on the Upload button, select an image from my local drive, SuperContainer uploads it, and then displays the error above. Can anybody tell me what I'm doing wrong?
  8. I can find loads of references to the SC plugin on the website, but I can't find where to download it. I hope there are installation instructions; I saw something about "dragging and dropping the plugin over FileMaker extensions" which isn't quite clear to me. Can somebody give me the URL for downloading the plugin?
  9. I'm a newbie here too. I stumbled across a product support page that might be helpful: http://wo.360works.com/cgi-bin/support/productsupport.cgi/SuperContainer. Good luck with it!
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