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  1. Greetings bcooney, Sorry for not having replied to your post before. I have been through major professional complications. Unfortunately I cannot provide the demo file as I have worked on it quite much since and have given up using the calculated field. I am now using scripts to fill this field in. I thank you much for your help and really apologize for my rudeness. I hope you won't blame me too much and will still be so prompt to help. Best regards, Eloi
  2. Hello again all (and bcooney), I have come across a new issue related to the same topic. As I replied to bcooney, the "commit records" step solved my problem regarding my calculated field and script calculation mess. But, I then figured out that the issue would remain on the opening of the layout and the first data capture. Meaning that when I type in a number in the field (my script is executed on every modification of this field), my calculated field will be one step behind my script calculation. Then, when I type in a second number, the calculated field catches up the script.
  3. Greetings bcooney, No I didn't. I now do and have re-organized my script with this new step. It now works as I needed. I really need to improve my FM skills... Thank you again for your help. Eloi
  4. Greetings everyone, I have a 1 to n relationship. On the "1" side, I have set up a field to sum up a specific field in all the related records on the "n" side. I have set up a script that is executed on a given field modification. It uses the calculated field mentionned above to perform some more calculations. My problem is that the script seems to be executed before the calculation field has been updated so that I am always one step late. Is there a way to go round this ? Thanks in advance for your help. Eloi
  5. Greetings again, Because I couldn't do what I want to, I have let this side of the developpement aside for the moment. Now, I am trying to display all of the Contracts that are related to a specific month. To make it trickier, a single Job may have several Contracts related to different months as for instance : May would display : JOB:ID#1 Contract_1 JOB:ID#2 Contract_1 Contract_2 June would display : JOB:ID#1 Contract_2 JOB:ID#3 Contract_2 July would display : JOB:ID#3 Contract_1 It now seems that joining both
  6. You are right, the schema is Jobs -< Contracts -< ContractLines Though the Shooting Contracts Table is in now way similar to the Buyout Contracts Table. Their respective fields are as follows : Shooting Table - Day worked - Number of hour - Type of shooting (ValueList : video, photo, catwalk, etc) - Price charged Buyout Table - Date start - Buyout length - Countries - Type of Media (ValueList : TV, Internet, Press, Flyers, etc) - Price charged I attach an image of the example at the bottom of the post (cause I don't know how to attach it in the body).
  7. Greetings Comment and BruceR, Thanks for your replies. As for the data structure issue BruceR pointed out, I did make two different Tables for two very different kind of contracts. For instance, I have a Job named "GMotors". That is to say, I'll make an advertising model available for a GMotors advertising. I'll get a shooting contract for the worked days with Ogilvy (which is the Production company that will arrange the shooting) and one contract with the model. This contract will be stored in a Table that will store as many lines as the contracts requires. If the shooting
  8. Hello everyone, I have a problem I can't solve on my own. I have the following relationships - a one to many relationship between occurence "Job" and occurence "ContractType_1" ; - a one to many relationship between occurence "Job" and occurence "ContractType_2" ; I am trying to set up a layout to display all of the ContractType_1 & ContractType_2 that have not already been charged to the customer. I have already succeeded in displaying these details but I had to display them on the same row as follows : Job::ID #1 ContractType_1 ContractType_2 Job::ID #2 Contr
  9. Greetings bcooney, I have finally found where was the problem. I designed the fields to be global. So, when I would select a Group name, the value list of its Subsidiaries would not update. Thanks again for your help and all apologizes for the time loss. bcooney.
  10. Greetings all, I have been through all of the threads of this topic and have seen this subject has been discussed half a dozen of times but I guess my question is a bit different. I am trying to make a two steps procedure to help the user choose the address he/she is looking for among the whole group of address. I have designed two value lists ; one with the Groups list, the other with the Subsidiaries list. When the user selects the Group he/she is looking for, the second value list should be set up, live, with this selected Group's Subsidiaries list. My problem is that my
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