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  1. Rar. Unable to add? I'm sorry for the English Multiple want a simple scripts to paying the bill.
  2. Thank you for help  I am planning a button for Bill Payment.  Bill Payment mass end of the month to pay the bill for a lot.  Also for payment as a single  Goodbye  EK: Demo File
  3. Greetings to all  Reports of subcontractors ?  How to report the relationship Subcontractor
  4. Türkçe direk mesaj atabilirsen belki yardımcı olabilirim.
  5. I'm sorry for my English. Thanks to google I am planning a database. scenario When the tour company I'm working. 1. My agreed the company s staff working in factories or businesses URLs, or midibuses bus transport business. 2. Means the company can carry in your own property, can be tools suppliers. 3. In addition, the accounting of suppliers keep URLs. 4. I'm charging on the number of time. (Morning, afternoon, evening) 5.Ödemeleri would be charged on a monthly basis by check or in cash. Each piece is not only payment per invoice, may be parts.
  6. I want to keep records of the Guide. In which the company I'd like to search for a person coming from the interface tables 1. How will the relationship for the filter? 2. the Interface file and global Field Company_id Contact_id? 3. Login to the portal where? Salute to you
  7. Sorry for the English language I'm planning interface table in the database about the People and companies who need a filter to search var.nasıl can help. s also where you will install the portal to make entries. Thank you in advance. Cont.zip
  8. The new site has been very good

  9. I salute everyone I'm sorry for missing English. Tables 1.Customers Customer id Customer Name Factory id Factory Name 2. Suppliers Supplier id Supplier Name Car Sticker 3. Routes Route id Route Name Route price 4. Line Items Scenario as follows: 1. Employees or workers moving to the workplace. 2. Suppliers carries. 3. Moving with the bus or minibus. 4. Moving predetermined routes. 5. The customer can be more than one factory. 6. Price particular route 7. Monthly report is given to the customer. 8. How t
  10. When you delete a record or to make a save somewhere.
  11. Thank you in advance for your help. I'm planning a new database. transport of workers or staff accounts will be kept. Scenario as follows: In a factory or business personnel, suppliers of pre-determined routes, the company's own vehicles or vehicles with an invoice at the end of the month to be moved. Tables: 1-Customers CustomerID CustomerName Customer Address Customer Phone 2-Suppliers Supplier IID Supplier Name Supplier vehicle license plate number Supplier Wire 3-Tour Routes Route ID Route Name Route km Rota Price Now here
  12. hi soren Okey ! will be input by hand, but where ? route entries ==CompanyType_code sample: Customers ( Copenhagen kestrup ) Company_ID ( Jonh simit)= CompanyType_code ( Frederiksberg) Suppliers in the category is loaded ? Nuri
  13. hi soren Review entries service routes are where to show Transportagency.zip
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