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  1. I guess what function would I use in the filter for 'data only'?
  2. So I kinda figured it out, but I would like it to skip all records that don't contain any data. See how I have a bunch of blank space before it display any data?
  3. I can't get my portal to display all UPCs from all records at once. It just display them like it normally does. Id also like it to skip records that don't have any UPCs. So I don't get any spaces in the portal. thanks!
  4. Hey all, I have 2 tables. Producer and Inventory. The tables have a relationship with each other using the field named "XSAN Number" The inventory table has a field named UPCs. So I have a bunch of records with UPCs that I want copied to one field in the producers table. I want to create a field in the producer table that continually gets updated every time a new UPC gets entered in the Inventory. So the producer table can locate the XSAN Number they want and it displays all the UPCs for said XSAN Number in a field. (Combined UPCs?) Thanks a ton!
  5. So I have 1 field with 'FCB' numbers. I want to create another field that displays all 'FCB' numbers from all records into 1 field. I already have a relationship to define the search. I have a real hard time wording this. Thanks for all your help!
  6. But how can I do that in the 'table' view?
  7. Yes but the field has multiple lines, so users have been entering data like that. However can be changed if need be.
  8. I know I can do the search feature like that. But I am trying to display a cover page and want to have a little more freedom. What if my I have multiple UPCs. Like some records have 5 lines of differnt UPCs. While others will just have 1 or 2. I don't want it to squeeze them all together, I want to see them all neatly. How can I list them so that it does single spaced lines with each UPC in the results area. thanks!
  9. So I have 1 field with an identifying number on 100 records. On all of those records they identifying number is the same. '00590' Also on those records I have a UPC field. I want to create a new layout that has 2 fields. 1 field I type in the identifying number '00590' I then want to display all the UPCs for records that match '00590' So all I do is in the layout, enter in '00590' and it displays all of 100 UPCs. How can I do this?
  10. Id just like it so that whenever you enter in the XSAN number, the editor and assistant editor and producer match other records that have the same XSAN Number.
  11. Okay So here are my two layouts. ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ In the first layout you can see the XSAN number. That is the number I want to be the identifier. I want it so that when you make a new record in image2 and enter in the XSAN Number, it pulls editor, assistant editor and studio producer over from image1's table with the same XSAN Number Here is my relationship, its nothing. ----------------------------------------------------------- I just want to be
  12. Okay. So I have 2 tables. Table1 and Table2 with matching layouts. Both Tables/layouts contain these fields: Job Number Editor Assistant Producer Table1/Layout1 gets filled in first. Im trying to figure out so that when I enter in Job Number in table2/layout2 that it copies over editor, assistant and producer from table1/layout1 into table2/layout2 I'm very new to file maker. Sorry again :-D
  13. So I have 1 Table that has many different fields. I'm looking for a way so that when I type into 1 field, they auto fill other fields when the data matches all records to the original field. So I have Field called: Job Number. Lets say when you enter in 319 as the job number, id like it so that the 'client' field and 'product' field match other records that have 319 as the job number. So that every time I make a new record, I can enter in 319 as the job number and the other fields are already complete with the correct information. Sorry for being confusing, I'm assumin
  14. Hey there, I have one database on the server that I would like to grab data from and display in another database on the same server. I am wondering if this is possible to do rather than just exporting data from one and importing it into another. Thanks!
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