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  1. Hello Stanley, I am responding to your search for a FileMaker developer in the hope that we can begin a conversation about possibly working a remote contract with your organization. I am currently in a 6month contract with another organization but I have hours in the day for more work. Would you consider contacting me to talk more? You can reach me here at fmforums or at fmconsult@fmbiz.net. Best Regards, Charles Maitland
  2. A lot of customers have asked for more efficient ways to get sales leads scheduled for appointments or tasks put on their calendar, but up until FileMaker 19 that had been a multi-step process. I can tell you from experience it is not the best user experience when you jump to a calendar and realize you do not have all the information you need to complete the action. In this case, it's filling out a task or event on a calendar. FM Starting Point 2020 by Richard Carlton Consulting has been enhanced for FileMaker 19 and it is a great starting point for any business that wants a full-featured CR
  3. Hello, I noticed that FileMaker Go will cache the iBeacon information it finds when using the rangebeacon() function. Is there a way to clear this information other than closing FileMaker Go? Best Regards, Charlie M.
  4. This request is actually more common than you would think. FileMaker always exports field names as the column headers for exported data. This is also true when records are saved as Excel. This is inconvenient for any developer that uses a field naming convention that is not easily understood by the users of the solution. I currently use FileMaker's ExecuteSQL script step to first generate the data set with a custom header row and then export the data to a .csv file. Opening the resulting data file in MS Excel is a simple 3-click process. This developer must define the header row and appen
  5. Hello, I thought I was almost an expert at FileMaker until I tried to use the ExecuteSQL function. I thought it would be simple to type in a basic SQL statement and come back with some usable data. But I was surprised to find that everytime I tried to use the WHERE clause with comparison of text as the data type I would always recieve ERROR 8310. I spent the better part of the day trying to figure out this one. It seems that the ExecuteSQL function provided in ScriptMaster cannot understand the Smart Quote character, example: ‘your text here’. By default FileMaker turns off
  6. Thanks John! Is there any published documentation for these methods or is this just discovery through hard work and dedication?
  7. Hello, Is there a list of fmpro methods that are accessible. Such as, fmpro.getContainerStream(fieldName) Or are these methods private IP owned by 360Works? There are some extremely powerful methods hidden in the fmpro class that I may be able to use if I knew the syntax of the methods. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Hello, I have been experimenting with the FileMaker web viewer object to test for HTML5 behavior when running Firefox as the default web browser. But so far it consistently acts like an Internet Explorer web browser. Is the FileMaker web viewer object linked to the default web browser in the OS? I am trying this using Windows XP with Firefox and FileMaker Pro 11 (latest version). This works on Mac OS X, but that is primarily because of Safari. Has anyone had any success with HTML5 tags when using the FileMaker web viewer? Thanks for any feedback. -Charlie M.
  9. Full time in-house Filemaker developer to join a successful growing software development department in Deerfield Beach FL. Managed Insurance Services has been in business for over 12 years and has been a leader in the development of insurance software. Successful candidate will be local to South Florida. Candidate should be FileMaker certified or seeking certification in FM 11 with minimum 5 years experience and must have the following; good communication skills, TEAM PLAYER, ability to work independently, creative. Experience with web 2.0, PHP and XML helpful. Your FM solutions will b
  10. Hello 360works, I just purchased FTP Peek but I am not certain how I am supposed to register the FileMaker Server plug-in when running on just the server. I would like to use this plug-in with IWP. I already upgraded the license to 'Enterprise' and installed the plug-in into the WPC folder. Did I miss something? Do I have to run the Register Plug-In function on Start up? Thanks, Charlie
  11. Hello, Is there a Style option or configuration that I could use to prevent SuperContainer from accepting uploaded files with the .exe extension? Is this a security setting that I should manage from the Server? This would apply to both in-network and IWP environments. Best Regards, Charlie FMBiz.net
  12. Hello 360works Support, I have just started to look at SuperContainer as a possible solution to providing upload capability to my database, but there has to be a way to upload multiple files other than a dedicated web viewer per upload. Is your description above the only way to do this? Do I have to move the file after it is uploaded to manage multiple uploads? Thanks for your advice.
  13. Hello, You can do this import as a direct connection to the EXCEL file. But first, are you certain that you want to use the First and Last name as the key to matching fields? The import would be much more reliable if you had a contact ID number or something more unique that a person's name. The larger your pool of names gets, the more likely you will have two or more people with the same name. So if you are satisfied with the integrity of the data you can build a script that has an Import script step with specific information such as the file name of the EXCEL file as the source a
  14. Hello, This is more complicated than just responding with CTRL+D from the scripted button. You have to communicate with the Phone System application's event handling process. So your next approach would be to look at plug-ins that integrate with the operating system either as an event handler or with the COM components (pre .NET) available in Windows. You can experiment with this using the Plug-In template from 24Usoftware or ScriptMaster from 360works. The theory here is to send your ASCII string "CTRL+D" with the Phone Number to the plug-in and let it do what it needs to do to s
  15. Hello Andries, The Custom Menu documentation covers just enough to show you how to create and edit menu features but it does not go into detail on the consequences of your Custom Menu choices. As a general rule, any time you alter the Built-In FileMaker function in a menu or delete it from the Menu Set it will "grey" out the function attached to the Icon in the status area. In most cases where Custom Menus are used the Status Area is locked away from the general user. So as a designer you can simulate the native Icons by first copying the icon as a graphic and pasting it to your layout
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