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  1. Hi Guys, I'm not sure if this is possible and I hope I explain this correctly, I have a database of photos, each record has a name eg. 'Riverside' and there can be hundreds of records with the same name. Within each record is a field called 'SRPath' that can contain one of three variables photo/CD/ or photo/Class/ or photo/Classic/ What I would like to do is first isolate all the records with the name 'Riverside' which is easy, but I would like to then display the total number of records within that found set that contain the three variables in the 'SRPath' field...
  2. Thanks for all your help, works great and learnt a lot in the process.
  3. Ignore number 1. Had a blond moment! It works fine, however seems really slow when browsing through when done this way, still curious about number 2.
  4. Hi, I have tried it both on a PC and a Mac with the same one line result... My container field being 'picture'....GetAsText (picture) returns... image:/M:/2011/Pre-Production/Smith/Raw/7B-005814.JPG I tried a few things which confused me a little. 1. Using the path in the data to reference the image, which worked however it wouldn't show a preview as it must not source as a reference file when doing it this way, is there a work around for this? 2. What I found strange and don't understand why is when I use the image path as the relationship, why does it only
  5. This is the exact result... image:/M:/2011/Pre-Production/Smith/Raw/7B-005814.JPG This is the path in the .csv... M:\2011\Pre-Production\Smith\Raw\7B-005814.JPG Thanks
  6. Thanks, so basically use the path in the .csv to populate the container fields? Could you please show me an example, sorry im new to this and usually persist but this has had me stumped for days!
  7. Thanks Vaughan, however we deal with over a million images annually so that simply isn't an option, the only thing unique is the location of each batch which is why I thought utilizing the image path on the server. Thanks Samantha
  8. Hi Guys, I have been racking my brain and searching for a solution, basically I need to import images into filemaker (reference only) and link them to data also imported via a .csv file. This I have accomplished however, initially I made the relationship through the image name which worked fine until there were multiple images with the same name. Then I thought if I created a field in the .csv with the image path on the server I could do it that way and use 'GetAsText (picture)' to match it, the problem I found is that it still only grabs the file name at the end. GetAsText
  9. One more thing, I have just noticed that the data loss only occurs in the one table, which also has the most fields (456) if that means anything.
  10. Thanks, I have changed the server to windows server 2003 SP2, and still we loose data, each user connects via a separate 'opener' file - do you think this can cause an issue. Basically, this is what is happening, user A creates a new record closes it, opens it up on another occasion and enters some data - when they come back to view it the data has dissapeared - other data however still remains. The funny thing is they can reenter it and it stays, its completely random. Could there be something wrong with the fields themselves? or how I have set them up? Thanks again Sam
  11. Hi Guys, I'm scratching my head over this one and its probably something simple, I have multiple clients, some winXP and some Win7 running FM11, all connecting to a single database via server11 on a Win7 machine. We seem to loose random data from fields, usually within tabs, one minute its there the next gone! not all records have this issue so its completely random - Im just not sure where to start looking for the problem. Thanks Samantha
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