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  1. Hello, I have been able to remotely access a FileMaker Pro 12 Server via a reverse SSH tunnel with a FileMaker Pro 12 client since version 12 was released. I based the SSH connection off the instructions in this very old post: http://fmforums.com/forum/topic/27976-tunnel-filemaker-over-ssh-through-nat/ I have not been able to connect the same way with a FileMaker Pro 13 client (either regular version or advanced) but still can connect with version 12. Does anyone know if something has changed to disallow this type of access in 13? It works fine with version 12, so I don't think it's t
  2. Hello, I recently migrated a FM11 database to FM12. I haven't noticed any hiccups the past few months until I tried to create a container field that has interactive content. I'm wanting to view PDFs in the container field. When I mark the container field to "optimize for interactive content" in layout mode, the Insert Menu does not display PDF or Audio/Video after selecting the container field in browse mode. However, if I create a new database in FM12, the interactive nature of a container field works as expected. Could this be a problem with the conversion? I have tried creating new co
  3. Hello, I have a FileMaker 11 database for my music department that I'm having trouble with duplicate records after a few imports from an Excel document. In my student table I have auto-entered, serialized, unique IDs that link to other parts of the database. I download an .XLS document from the university's mainframe that lists students by their student ID number. I have to convert it to .XLXS format since I'm running Mac OS 10.8 before the import. For all of the students in my database, I have a student ID number field that matches the student ID number field in the .XLXS file (diff
  4. Hello, I'm adding in a Purchase Order module to my existing music department database and need some guidance. Our department has 15 accounts from which purchases are made. The account numbers on these accounts are static except for 2 digits that change based upon the fiscal year (from July 1 to June 30). I would like to have a way when creating a PO to select from a drop-down list that shows accounts only for the current fiscal year. I will need to keep a record of the POs and their year-specific accounts from past years. I can create a calc field that calculates the correct acc
  5. That did it. Thanks for your help!
  6. Thank you gentlemen. Having the layout in the StudentEvents table was what I was missing. It would be nice to have the total number of participants per event on the same report - even though it's not hard to add two numbers in my head. How complicated are we talking? Thanks
  7. Thanks for your reply. I had tried that, but was getting numbers that didn't add up. Then I tried using the EventID from the Events table and not the EventID from the StudentEvents table and it's closer, but there is still a problem. Edit: When I have a student who is attending more than one event, it only counts their gender in once for all the totals and not for each event they are in. If a student is in Event A and B it only count them in event A and not in Event B. Any thoughts on that?
  8. Hello, I am wanting to count the number of male and female participants in a particular event and display that number breakdown for all events. Here are the relevant tables: Students -< StudentEvents >- Events I have created a report that shows correctly the number of male and female per event. The layout I have in the Students Table is: Body: EventID (using a pop-up menu to display the real name of the event) Sub summary: Gender and Gender_Count (just a count of Gender) Trailing Grand Summary: Gender_Count When I do a find for a particular event and then
  9. Hello Ron, Very true. I've been bitten by that dog several times and am trying my best to avoid it in the future (-; It's not like these classes are for any type of school credit - the camps last 4-6 days and we only need class rosters in order to take roll. So keeping track from year to year really isn't important. All the needed information to track is in other tables. I currently have a Year calc field in the enrollment table so in the class portal I have it filtered to display the classes of the current year. Since I've made some poor decisions in the past, I keep trying to
  10. Thanks for your reply. Your observation is correct (as usual). Since the classes themselves rarely change, and are unique to each type of camp, and happen every year, I have a "Camp Name" field in the Classes table instead of linking a specific EventID to it. I currently enroll students into a class using a conditional value list that selects the camp name (not tied to an event in the even table), type of class, and the class itself. I create a new 'event' for each camp every year since I hire different faculty and have different students attend each year. I set it up that way so tha
  11. Hello, I need some advice on if this is possible or a good approach. Part of my database solution includes enrolling students into a summer music camp (an event) and then enrolling in classes in that particular camp. Here are the relevant tables I have: Students Contacts (faculty who teach at the camps and others) Classes Events (includes camps and other departmental events) Student-Events (join table to events) StudentEnrollment (join table to classes) I currently have these relationships: Students --< Student-Events >-- Events Students --< StudentEnro
  12. Thanks for your reply. I think that would work. Some schools have multiple directors and not all directors from each school would be directing bands at the jazz festival. But if I had a child table from a Schools-Events join as you suggest, I could still get a set of participating directors by assigning them to a band from a school. Thanks for your suggestion
  13. Hello, I am in process of building a database that will cover most of our university's music department activities and I need some assistance with one area. I have tables for: Contacts Schools Events Contact-Event Join Table The problem I'm having is scheduling the bands for our annual jazz festival. Most schools bring only one band and have only one director, which makes everything simple - I add the director to the Contact-Event Join table and get a list of only the directors participating in this year's festival (and can keep track of that year to year). However, som
  14. Good point about the payments - don't know why I didn't see that before. Thanks for the direction. I'll give it a try kt
  15. Hello, I need some advice on formatting a portal that has a lot of fields. I am enrolling students into a summer music camp (i.e., Event) and have to be able to keep different joined records for every year and keep separate records if the same student enrolls in multiple camps during the same year. Students -< StudentEvents >- Events Enrollment works fine, but the trouble is that I have a lot of data that needs to be in most StudentEvents records such as: Heath Form (just a yes/no box); First Payment, Type, Receipt; Second Payment, Type, Receipt; Final Payment, Type, Recei
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