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  1. I think we need to narrow down what's going on here; or, your questions. Also, can you talk more about HOW you access the data? Are you trying to use ADODB? (Because I had problems with that even in FMSA 10.) And, are these the really old ".asp" pages, or are they in a newer .NET language? Utilizing .NET, I've found the "System.Data.Odbc" stuff to work fairly well. Some people (including me) have posted about this stuff before, but the search isn't turning up good answers, so I don't blams you for asking again.
  2. @old advance man.. Can you re-verify what you said about the RAM, regarding the new version (FMSA11)? I can't find anything in the documentation saying a "max" RAM that can be utilized by "FMS". They do recommend 4GB for RAM, though.
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