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  1. After performing a series of successful operation with Applescript and Text Wrangler I finally end up with a folder with several files UTF8 encoded on my Mac (Snow Leo 10.6.8) Trying to import this folder as text files (Text files only, no gremlins aka weird characters ) FMP12 keeps importing a folder whose content is not the same as the one I attempt to import. It returns the same number of files, however as if the last Applescript TextWrangler operations did not happen, example I delete various parts in the text files, and create "pointers" so I can extract fields to create my db
  2. I hope to batch export the content of a text field as a new files from all my records in my DB giving to the new text file a name from another field in the DB. How can I achieve this complex task, as every time I call the "export" function it asks me to name the file I need to export? Is there a simpler way to do so? I hope to export all files to one folder not the desktop Thanks a lot
  3. THANKS Jeremy and Thanks vodka it really works --- I can even click on the pic and get the original huge image HOwever ... I tried Lion for a couple of weeks then reverted back to SL any hints on Mountain? I ask becaue It took me about 3 days to erase Lion and go back to SL FM 12 seems to get lost a lot of times, and I need to restart the whole machine to get my files talk to each other again. Is this a SL drawback? Regards
  4. THANKS Mr Vodka ... In other words I need to give a record num to the images then filter them through the records num in the portal?
  5. I hope to see in my portal a series of images My Mac DB fmp12 has an ID relationship with another DB where I have the images In the portal I create I can see the images, however I hope to be able to display them "horizontally" or, if possible, create rows and columns kind of design I hope be able to see as many images is possible rather than scrolling veriticaly. My screen is half empty .... Is this possible? Else do I need to create several relationships all linked through the ID equal in both DBs? Thanks a lot .... but I am new in using portals .... :mad:
  6. Hi All How to import TextWrangler UTF8 files in FMPAdvanced12 (Mac version, Snow Leopard, 12|GB Memory)? The files I need to import are UTF-8 files and consist in the following StudenteName StudentID Text Content Text Content has several carriage returns which I need to keep following this structure for IMporting StudenteName<tab> StudentID<tab>Text Content <Carriage Return>? In TextWrangler and find-replace whatever I need to change is a snap and the result shows Carriage Returns only at the end of the record. I need to import the TW formatted U
  7. I need to create the exact same layout with 4 fields and assign it to several tables with exactly the same number of fields. How can I create a Looped script in FMP12 which copies Layout Homework assigned to Table 01 as Homework02 assigned to Table 02? All tables already are populated with the fields content. HOwever as I have hundred of students and each worked differently I have more than 49 tables Portals are not useful as most data is graphics or short films Thanks for any help Regards to all
  8. Yes Only one: Is a rather simple table ID Name Message Images Date
  9. Hello everyone I have a database whit only one layout, linked to others about my students work In this particular database I collect their home work which is mainly photographs or short films However it also contains text files. I am new to portals but I d like to create one where according to ID (student ID) Date of the message I can see finding one ID every single thumbnail they sent me. I tried to so so but all the various images and films thumbnails overalap so is impossible to see them. IS there a ways to solve this? The database contains all the images from several I
  10. Hello I have a script sequence as follows go to Layout A go to field A pause paste go to field B pause paste go to field C pause paste I paste various Items text and pictures I have several cut-paste steps However while the order of fields and pasting is always the same at times I do not have enough data to paste. Is there a why to halt the script not clicking the "Cancel" button and add a script step to open another script? Something like if "cancel" perform script B end if thanks a lot but I couldn't find an an
  11. I don't really understand how this process works as being illiterate I simply make sure the field names in my DB are exactly the sameas they are in the hundred of mails I receive from my kids. The kids uploaded their answer to my SQL server and the charset is "windows-1251"as I haver some east europe students using their own Keyboards. Each mail contains the various replies to the 21 questions I ask. Some of the questions have "fixed replies" they choose from pop up menus in the classes web page, Other fields allow writing up to a certain amount of characters and all CR are rejected. They ca
  12. Hi all. I've been using the following script succesfully until suddenly it doesnt work as it either doesn't render the first or the last record or additionally records in between. Here the script which some very nice people suggested previously: # # Replace colon with carriage return for ease of splitting data from label # Labels are now always odd numbers and their values are even. Go to Record/Request/Page [ First ] Loop Set Variable [ $values; Value:Substitute ( Students::lettertext ; ":" ; ¶ ) ] Set Variable [ $count; Value:ValueCount ( $values ) ] Loop # Set fields
  13. Is there a way to trigger already working Applescripts for QT in a FM container? Example: property TimeOffset : 0 tell application "QuickTime Player 7" tell document 1 to set {currentTime, timescale, theDuration, FrameCount} to {current time, time scale, duration, count (every frame of track "Video track")} end tell set INPoin to currentTime How to put the various results: currentTime timescale theDuration FrameCount in different fields in fields in FM Pro 11 System events allows dealing with QT7 without opening the file. Is it possible to
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