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  1. If it's so clear to see where I'm going wrong isn't it easier just to explain the bit I'm missing than to get angry?
  2. Yes, I appreciate there has been lots of advice, but the lack of contextual information / explanation hasn't helped me to be able to see the solutions that are so clear to you chaps who are of course experts! Sometimes it is helpful to describe things in different ways! I often have to explain the same thing in different ways to different people, or even the same person. As advised: I've created tables in one file. I've created multiple tables, linked them with ID's. But am missing a part of the jigsaw puzzle...
  3. I'm really sorry for seeming obtuse - but I honestly haven't seen the connections, nor made them. Please can you let me off the hook and just tell me what I've not done, or what I am not seeing! I feel like I'm in the middle of a jigsaw puzzle which has a jigsaw puzzle placed on the top. I've tried to read between the lines and to make changes accordingly :-(
  4. I guess it looks a bit like that... but that isn't my intention. Of course its' difficult online to see the exactness of what each person is trying to say. What I've tried to do is to create something along the lines of what I understand - and what I think I need. Is that wrong? So the question that I perhaps should have asked... Why do I want to have three tables, if the company information is stored in placements?
  5. Ummm... Sorry have I got the wrong end of the stick. I've got three relationships - but I thought 2 tables was right since these were my primary interfaces. Sorry to sound dim, but I'm not sure why I would want a different table for companies if the placement table was where this (the company) information was stored. Lisa
  6. So am I in the dog house? Are you all ignoring me?
  7. Thanks Lee. This is where I'm at now this afternoon. I think it's almost doing what I would like it to do. Though of course I appreciate it might not necessarily be the best way... I'm trying. The frustrations aired by Bruce seem to suggest that I'm looking at it all wrong... but I can't see why or how. I've tried to get my head around ID no's and creating relationships through these. I think this is working. I foresee that we'd be using it mainly through the student form, which is why I'd ideally like to be able to enter the placement addresses through here. I
  8. >If you can't pay anybody then the project is of no value and you should stop. That isn't for you to decide. Please don't be so rude. I have created ID (#30) no's and have linked relationships through these. No it isn't working perfectly yet - this is what I'm aiming at. I have submitted a mod of the file I've been working on. Are you upset because I haven't used your model?
  9. Why are you so cross with me? Would be nice to pay someone - I don't have a budget, nor will I be able to get a budget (I wish!). I remembered last time to take the pw out - I forgot this time, an oversight. Yes - Projects really only need a title - we manage these in house and can be attached to the student record. What is the problem with that?
  10. Sorry - no good reason for it being pw protected... just in the editing. placements2011 pw: cr3ativ3 I've not changed the year on the file name, nor in the interface - not for any particular reason... just that I'm trying to concentrate on the edits in the file. In my mind that's the aesthetics of it which yes - will change. I've understood a bit more from the placements example, your example has helped me (I think) to better understand ID's (so it was useful -thank you). But I don't think I need to create separate records for projects and companies. Seriously - I'm no
  11. My brain I reckon! So... I feel like I'm getting a bit more... but am stuck again... I've used the 'placement's db' sent by 'consultant' (thank you - this has helped loads, though I think I'm missing a key concept...) as a way to help me rethink. I've made tables inside the one file. Currently navigated through the layout drop down (I'll make a button on the interface later). These have ID no's, and I've used these to create the relationships. I've used a portal to show the address information - this is for ease of use for the user. So... where I"m at now... When c
  12. Oh for sure... am still working on changing the whole thing... I got stuck on portals last night - but realised after an hr that I hadn't ticked the allow records to be created box - doh! Some things are falling into place - others still a bit elusive. Will be in touch soon. Thanks :)
  13. Am looking at it right now... maybe a stupid question, but you're used to me by now maybe... In Table 'students' I create (serial no) 'student record no' so will be a unique ID. In Table placements I create (serial no) 'placement ID'. Do I create the relationship between those? Or Do I create a 'student record no' also in Table placements and link those. (But I'm not sure why I'd do that). All the examples I've been looking at have the same ID name in each table.
  14. Thank you for your reply. Yes, I can see why an ID no is useful – what I haven’t been able to see is how to use them. And I’ve not seen any explanation of how to use them in this instance. Fair enough that having all tables in a single file might help not to break. it I will try that again (might take me a few hrs), my current understanding still leaves me with the same problem – but ok, I will take it on faith and give it a bash. However, see #17 below re my rationale from users end – hence my hesitation. I have taken advice, and have learnt a great deal, many of my posts a
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