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  1. I found the solution, it was simple. I made one simple layout with 3 portals from the 3 separate tables and further 2 copies with a different portal for each one. The 3 tables are related with the "maker" field and everything works. Thank you
  2. Thank you I have two different tables, one in 1st layout and a second one on the 2nd layout and I need to show related records (shown on the second layout, related with one filed from the 1st layout) regards Giorgos
  3. Dear users, I have three tables for three relevant layouts. Each one has separate table and tables are related with only one field. The scope is to show on the 2nd and 3rd layout the records that related with the 1st one. Here are some screen shots with what I need to do. Actually, I need to have on the seconf layout ("Orders from suppliers") the related records from the first one ("Suppliers list") Thank you thank you Giorgos
  4. hello everyone, I am looking for a solution for reporting, in order to give to our customers the option to compare records (e.g. the score of the same customer through different round of a research) Probably a Business Intelligence (BI) would be the best, but as far as I saw prices are too high.. Do you have any suggestions from your experience? thanking you in advance
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