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    Perpetually creating blank records

    Hurrah! Finally gotten round to having another stab at this... And I've only gone and fixed it! Default document for the site with the form on was set to the first page of my form where the record was being created.... I changed the default document to a blank html page and BOOM - problem solved. Thanks for your help guys!
  2. VickyLNesbitt

    Perpetually creating blank records

    Hi Guys Thanks for your responses! doughemi - I think that's my next step - to start picking out bits of codes and run them separately to try an identify what the problem is. There is no looping anywhere on the page except when I'm picking up value lists much further on in the code & there's definitely nothing else triggering this... webko - refreshing should not be an issue - even if the user refreshes the page the session variable has already been created therefore that if won't validate to true and the newAddCommand won't execute. I've tested this by echoing text inside the if statement - on page entry the text is there, but when I refresh it's not as the session variables have been made and the if does not validate to true. Also the session is started at the beginning of the page - aside from connecting to the DB & a couple of other miscellaneous bits. The weird thing is that on the first page load I can literally sit and watch blank records slowly being added to the database even if I don't refresh the page, it just slowly starts creating the records and does not stop! It's nuts! Vicky x
  3. Hi All I am experiencing a very odd problem with a web form we created for our clients. The web form worked absolutely perfectly on the Apache server we started the clients off on. We're now trying to move them to a new IIS server on a much more powerful machine, however there have been some issues. On entry of the first page a record is created in the database & when the form is posted, that record is edited & continues to be edited on subsequent form pages after filemaker's record ID and the primary key are stored as session variables. NOTE: There is an included page prior to the code I have entered below which sets $ID & $recordID to the value of the session variables for the ID's. A few items of code had to be re-written & these elements now work fine, however I have just noticed a new problem & I have no idea how it is happening... The first step on the first page is to test for the existence of 2 variables. If these variables do not exist a record is created in the database and the 2 variables are set (see below). if (!isset($ID) AND !isset($recordID)){ $stepTwoEdit = $fm->newAddCommand('webCandidateFormStepTwo'); $result = $stepTwoEdit->execute(); if (FileMaker::isError($result)){ echo $result->code; die(); } $record=$result->getRecords(); $recordID=$record[0]->getRecordId(); $ID=$record[0]->getField('ID'); session_start(); $_SESSION['recordID']=$recordID; $_SESSION['ID']=$ID; session_write_close(); }//if record has not yet been created in the database create it so that we have an id Now this code works perfectly. I have echo-ed the variables onto the page and they are being set correctly & I have done tests to verify that the newAddCommand is only being performed once by echo-ing text inside the if statement. So it appears to all be working correctly, until you go and look in FileMaker. Blank records are being continuously created by the server, despite the fact that the newAddCommand is not being repeated. This command is called once and only once. These records are not just created on page refreshes or on navigation between form pages - they just keep being created every x seconds (there's no consistent interval)... Any ideas?!? Really need to get these clients onto our new server asap, so help would be massively appreciated! Thanks in advance! x
  4. VickyLNesbitt

    Mail stops receiving

    Help please!!!
  5. VickyLNesbitt

    Mail stops receiving

    Hi All I have a client using the 360Mail plugin for incoming emails. Everything works absolutely fine up until a certain point and then mail stops being imported into the database. I have just tested in the 360 demo file and mail comes in up until a certain point and then fails as per the live system... Upon investigation of the xml file produced I find that the error is 401 - although I know that emails exist waiting to be downloaded, cos I have sent some to him! So I know that the details are all correct, but for some reason mail stops being downloaded after a certain point. If it was falling over at the same exact email I would have put it down to a corrupt email, however I can import up to the 86th email in the clients system and in the 360 demo it only gets up to 64 (although they are using different versions of the plugin). Any ideas?!? Cheers in advance Vicky x
  6. VickyLNesbitt

    Missing local name error

    Hiya Thanks for your response. After repeatedly telling client to test the mail merge using a list I had created, he had continued to test with his own list... And the first email address on the list had a space in the email address i.e. someone @somewhere.com and whoever wrote the mail merge functionality initially... well... lets just say, they went easy on the error capture!!! Which means to say there wasn't any!!! Thanks for the reply though! And not a very useful error message - how about invalid email address?!?! Cheers
  7. VickyLNesbitt

    Missing local name error

    Hi All Hopefully you can help me with a problem I am having sending mail for one of my clients. It's driving both him and me completely round the bend! We use the 360Works Mail plugin for sending bulk emails from our database, however I have one client who this doesn't work for. If I log in from my computer and send mails via his account all works fine, however when he does the same from his end, on the script step which creates the new message (EmailCreate) & sets the body (EmailSetBody), he gets the returned error: Missing local name Any idea what this means or what is the cause? I can't find a single clue from 360Works documentation, however some searching online indicates that the email address is missing the first part i.e @something.com, but this is not the case - the full email address is given as a parameter to the EmailCreate function. We're both using FM12, I'm on advanced though. Client is on a PC (XP or 7 I think) & I'm on a mac (mountain lion). Any ideas? And thank you in advance! Kind Regards Vicky Nesbitt
  8. Hi All I'm wondering any of you could shed some light on this for me or rather make some educated guesses about what could be our problem! Our setup; Mac server (10.6.8), running FileMaker Server 11 Advanced Mac clients (all between 10.5.8 and 10.6.8 I think) all running via FileMaker Pro 11 - these clients log into networked user accounts which are synched between 2 different locations (although they only log into this FileMaker Server from one location) We also have a number of clients who connect to a PHP site with FileMaker backend. Right so at least once a week our server crashes, all users get the spinning wheel and are kicked or have to force quit FileMaker. There is nothing at all in the logs to suggest what has caused this... I just wanted to know if there is some kind of issue with our setup i.e. the synched networked user accounts or if there is anything else any of you can suggest??? If you want some more info don't hesitate to ask! Thanks in advance Vicky x
  9. VickyLNesbitt

    Won't import from tab file - certain fields only

    Hi Thanks for you help Jerry, but that's not it. Was the first thing I checked... The field it won't import is Invoice No. However while testing I created another field InvoiceNo_TEST and tried importing into that field - also didn't work... I might point out at this point that if I leave dialog on for the import I can see the values for Invoice No from the tab file I am importing however when I import - nada in the field... What's even more interesting is if I duplicate the table to create an exact replica and then try importing into that table it works..... One of my colleagues put this down to corruption so attempted to fix the issue by rebuilding the table and all the links to and from it. This worked... For a while... And then the problem started again! Should I put this down to file level corruption, cut my losses now and start rebuilding files? Or is there possibly a much simpler cause of this behaviour? Please help, this is driving me mad! Vicky x

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