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  1. Hi Thanks for asking about my find feature. I used some if statements to include search criteria where users choose to apply during their search. There are check boxes in my user interface asking people if they want to include premature babies or households that have not been given regsitry permission and such in their search.. It works so far.. Thanksfully..
  2. Thank you, comment! Duplicate Record was what I needed.. It works now. Thanks again.
  3. HI sorry about the unclear msg. I tried using the "new record" line, but since i have other criteria to construct this big search, when i did "new record" it is combining the big search with one registration condition with the other registration condition... ok, let me try to explain it more.. this is just a rough version of my script- enter find mode[] set field[...] set field[...] if (....) set field[babies::letter; "Yes"]; set field[babies::letter; "DBL"]; end if in this case, the search is doing for records that with letter field that is set "DBL" instead
  4. Hi comment. Sorry about the confusion. I meant "two criteria" because there are two conditions for a household that would be considered registered. One is baby::letter = "Yes" and the other would be baby::letter = "DBL" Either of these would qualify, and that was where I had trouble with. Because I wanted to put conditions/criteria down to define the search, but only the second condition (whichever comes the second) would be recognized. What I essentially want is to have the "letter" field defined as either "Yes" or "DBL." is there a way to do that? Any ideas on how I can de
  5. hi everyone, i'm working on a search feature that would set a field with two different values (either A or , but the script didn't seem work.. Here is my script- $omitHHnoLetter is a check box field If ($omitHHnoLetter="Omit HH no letter") set field (babies::letter = "Yes") set field (babies::letter = "Letter sent") end if The script is recognizing the second criteria (the second criteria seems overriding the first one) So is there a way to combine these two criteria to make both of them valid for the same search? i really am looking for records with the "letter
  6. Hi lawaid, Thank you for being so kind! i tried having three dots in between the "&"s in my calculation, but the search still didn't work properly. In fact it seemed that "insert calculated field" function does not work at all.. when i used that, the search is all over the place. so I changed back to the "set field" function. but the mystery still exist: the search only finds a set of the results that meet the criteria, and the missing records do not follow any pattern. what is going on?? let me know if you have any ideas. thanks a lot!
  7. Thanks, James. i did exactly the same thing as what you described here, so i suppose my data structure is good. i gonna look into other areas to solve my search function mystery then.. hmm... Oh yeah, i'm working on a database for a baby studies center. haha it's quite cheerful here except the database is giving me much headache.. i'm learning.. : btw, can you think of any reason that might be causing my search mystery? my org post is here. http://www.fmforums.com/forum/showtopic.php?tid/216740/fromactivity/mytopics/ Thanks!
  8. Hi everyone, I might have a data structure issue here, since my search function does not work properly.. so here is what i have so far- i have tblHousehold and two baby tables tblBabies and tblBabies2, and these are self-joint with the indication that there are siblings who belong to the same household, so they have the same household IDs but different baby IDs.. I wonder if this self-joint structure is proper or not.. They have the exactly same fields, and only tblBabies links with other related tables such as tblLanguages and tblBabyEthnicity .. Any ideas? Thanks a lot!
  9. Hi lawaid, Thanks for the helpful tips.. I tried to use "insert calculated result" instead of "set field" but it is getting me irrelevant data. Can I use that along with set field? For example, I have something like this Enter Find Mode[] Insert Calculated Result[select; babies:ageinDays; $AgeFromInDays&"..."&"$AgeToInDays] Set Field[Languagues::Lang; $Lang] Set Field[Languagues::LangPercent; $percentLang] It seems like it's only searching for records which meet the last two criteria but the first search criteria does not seem at work.. Any ideas? Thanks!
  10. Hi all, i'm still fine-tuning my baby database. so, i wrote a script to search for babies with criteria set by the users, but it does not work properly. In a simple search like searching for babies with certain language and age criteria, the search result does not include all that meet these criteria. For example, for searching babies who hear 80% English within the range of 4 - 6 months, the search is omitting some baby records that do not follow any patterns. Please see my attached screenshot of my script. Thanks!
  11. Hi ,right now my database is hosted at the FM Server which is at an MAC. I just wonder if i need to shut the server down before shutting down the MACs occasionally... thanks!
  12. Thanks! Yes, the main database is hosted in FM server. So I need to create the import script to do the task.. in the "import data" script, how should i specify more than one matching sets of data? because my database has several tables, and i need to transfer data from all the tables. so do i need to specify several import data scripts then? Also, is there any optimal way to input the IDs in the "temporary" database to keep the IDs separate from the main db? The tricky part is how to integrate the data collected from iPad with the main database in FMS. Thanks a lot!
  13. Thank you both! You are correct. Sorting by DOB works! :)
  14. Thank you, comment! I found out there is a general sorting issue here - even for a babies set that are all single child, the sorting function somehow separates the data sets into two parts, each of the set is sorted but the total order is messed up.. for example, below is a set of age of babies i get (all of them do not have siblings) 4m2d, 4m5d, 5m10d...5m22d || 3m27d, 4m3d, 5m4d... and after the sorting, in the browse mode, the first record that shows up is 3m27day in this case which is after the separator i indicated above.. seems very strange.. do you have any ideas?
  15. Hi, is there any way to update imported data? i migrated a bunch data to my new database and started adding new records, but just found out that there are mismatched repeating fields during the migration, so i need to update the imported data.. i chose to split the repeating fields into individual fields.. and now i just need to update some of the fields in the repeating fields. i tried the two options "update existing records in found set" and "update matching records in found set" but neither of it worked.. Instead of migrating the whole thing again, is there any other way to just
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