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  1. We recently found that many of our FMP6 databases were no longer sending out emails. The emails parameters were gleaned from the app web page and passed to FMP via CDML: <FORM ACTION="FMPro" METHOD="post" name=newquestionform onsubmit="return formCheck()"> <CENTER><FONT FACE="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"> <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="-MailTo" VALUE="aaa.aaa@aaa.com"> <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="-MailFrom" VALUE="field:email"> <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="-MailSub" VALUE="Request Submitted"> <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="-MailFormat" VALUE
  2. Our server folks indicated that they were not familiar with "anything called 'open remote dialog'" so that was a lost cause. Do you know of a web site/documentaiotn I can direct them to to give them a better understanding of the FMS remote dialog?
  3. I have not been able to access the databases while supporting the apps. I am not sure if these ever worked. I just inhererited these from a person that left the company a few months ago. I will check the server folks to see if they appear in the open remote dialog. Thanks, Chris
  4. We have a script that does an open/minimized on all of our databases. The server folks use it if they have to reboot the server. They are saying that all of the databsaes are open, but when I try to access some of them (test versions) using our web pages (via CDML), I get the 'Database not open. Unable to process your request because the database "mydatabase.fp5" is not open' message. I've tried setting up a new script for the server folks that just opens the test databases. THey run it but I still get the same message. Thanks.
  5. We have a script on the server which opens all of our databases so that they are available via cdml/web pages. There are a couple of databases which we consistantly get the following error when trying to access the database through the web pages: 'Database not Open. Unable to process your request because the database "test_db.fm5" is not open.' The server support folks say that the script opening the databases does not result in any errors. I've tried creating a new script with only the offending databases and having he server support folks run them, but it does not result in any errors
  6. Thanks for the feedback. I am not sure if the match would work with these two databases. Although they both have request_type and request_date fields, the cooresponding values do not logically connect the two databases (like a record id might). They are just similarly named/valued fields in two distinct databases. We just need these two databases to function as one when it comes to searching for specific values, i.e. the customer wants to search both databases for all requests that have been submitted between 6/1/2010 and 7/1/2010. I guess you could say that the databases reco
  7. I have two databases with similiarly named fields (request_type, request_date). Our users access the databases via web pages and CDML. I need to create a process/web page that allows the user to search both databases and present results of the search on one web page. The databases are not linked and are not directly related. They support the same type of user (but in two different geographical sites)and contain similiar data. I am relatively new to FM. Can I do this with ([color:red]and how would I implement this?): - a Portal - ODBC - Anything???!! or would I be bet
  8. Although both databases have a similiar fields they are no logical connections between them. The current approach for searches for these individual databases is using a web page to gather input and doing a post of the html form info to FMPro and send the results to a new html page via the "-format" CDML parameter. How would I be able to combine the results of two separate searches using into one results page using this technique (or would I have to take a different approach - my assumption)?
  9. Any thoughts on the easiest way to do this? Can I build a relationship between the two databases and then do a search across both of them? Or must I just do separate searches and combine the results on a web page where the user can select a record form either database? Thanks again for your help! Chris
  10. The app is set up so that the brower is accessing the database with code like the following: I have a copy of the users manual but it does not seem to have a description on how to publish the database to the web. It just refers to the online help .. "Help menu > Contents and Index, click the Index tab, and type Web Companion,testing databases" which itself does not yield any usable info (from what I can see). Do you know if there is a simple step by step procedure documented for publishing a FM database to the web using IWP (or any other tool)? Th
  11. A federated search is a search over multiple databases. I am not sure about the IWP use, but the only way that users access the data in the database is through web pages. I am not familiar with IWP. The databases are not linked but I am assuming that they could be. Thanks, Chris
  12. I have two databases that I have inherited and need to create a federated search. We are running FM 6 and the users access the database through the web. Is there a way to create a search across the two databases? BTW, I am relatively new to FM.
  13. The reason I ask about the ability to start FileMaker and open the FileMaker database via a script is that I would like to add a regular backup and the only backup indicated in filemaker documentation was done through a script within filemaker that creates a backup after the database is closed every n times.
  14. I just assumed responsibility of a number of FileMaker databases from a developer who left our company. I have very little FileMaker experience so please forgive my ignorance. Our server support folks indicated that they have to manully start FileMaker on the server everytime the server is rebooted (i.e. log on to the server and restart FileMaker). It is possible to have FileMaker start 'automatically' when the server comes up (maybe through a script)? All of our FileMaker databases are served up via the web. Thanks!
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