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  1. Hi All, I am looking to purchase a copy of FileMaker Go 11. I understand Filemaker discontinued it last year to force you to migrate to 12, but we are so heavily invested in 11 I can't warrant the cost. Does anybody know where I can buy a copy of FileMaker Go 11. Thanks...MG
  2. Thanks Lee. So if I wanted the price field to change on all of the slave machines when the master price field changed I should remove the global part of the price field? Thanks...MG
  3. Hi All, I have a database with a setup table and a globals table. On the setup layout I have placed a globals description field and a globals price field. I have a laptop hosting the file and I have 3 other laptops that I remote into the database. If I change the a price on the master db the other remote databases do not update. Any ideas would be helpful thanks MG
  4. Hi All, I have two DB fields that I trigger Yes or No in the field. I can do a FIND with Couples = Yes and then use Get(FoundCount) and it gives me the total of Couples Checked In I can do a FIND with TotalPeopleCheckedIn= Yes and then use Get(FoundCount) and it gives me the total of People Checked In I want to display both of these totals on the same page and I am not quite sure where to start. I tried this: If ( couple="Yes"; Get(FoundCount)) as a calulation in a field called couples, that did not work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks..MG
  5. Hi All, If then Statements are not my strong point. If anyone could point me in the right direction I would appriciate it. I have a script that looks to see if the person has already left his information at the desk. If so, when he checks out the clerks get a custom dialog box reminding them to send the customer to the other desk. Currently, if I click either "Ok" or "Cancel" it continues on with the script. I would like when the "Ok" button is clicked the script continues, if I click the "cancel" button it returns to the original layout. Below is my current script. Thanks
  6. Hi All, I have created a DB in FM11Adv that assigns a new invoice number each time a new record is created. Currently when I set up the DB I go to the DB section and assign the starting number with increments of 1. I would like to be able to put a field on my preferences page that you can input the starting invoice number is 13-0005 for example and then as a new record was created, it would advance it by 1 and place it in the invoice field. It's working fine the first way, but it would be nice to lock down the access to the DB on set this way up and allow the user to set it. Any ide
  7. Hi All, I have a DB that shows what a bidder has won at an auction. I show it in a portal on the Bidder Page (below). If it is a certificate, I have it checked as "Yes" on the catalog item on the catalog page. I am trying to figure out how I have a "Custom Dialog" box pop up if the field is Yes in the portal. I know how to do it on a page, but not when it shows in the portal. Any help would be greatly appreciated. MG
  8. Hi All, Here is my situation. I have one machine running the master database. I have 5 other machines that open that DB remotely. I have created a username and password for each machine. Laptop1, Laptop2, etc. When someone makes a change to a certain record, prints an invoice for example, I need to be able to see which machine handled that record and when. I am sure there is away to do this, but I am a coldfusion programmer by trade and I am just starting to develop in FM. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks...Mike G
  9. Hey John, There is only one field on the view that is selectable. I enter an amount and then have the OnExit function run a script that says goes to the next record. The button works fine. When I attach the script to a button, it works fine. When I attach it to the OnExit function, it' jumps to the last record. MG
  10. Hi all, This would sound like it is fairly simple, but I have spent many hours trying to figure it out. I have a DB and created a view for a tablet. I have one field on the view the user has to input a price in. I have set a script trigger that says "OnObjectExit" run a script. The script is simple...it says Go to the next record. When I trigger the script it goes to the very last record in the SORT and stops, it does not go to the next record. HOWEVER, I can put a button on the view and attach the Go To The Next Record command on it and it works perfect. I can attach the
  11. Matrixxdg

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    Thanks Comment...just what I needed.
  12. Matrixxdg

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    Hi All, I am in need of showing a page from a database on a large screen. I have turned off "status toolbar", but is there a way to turn off the File, Edit, View, etc. toolbar? Thanks...MG
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