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  1. Thanks. It's nice to know that I'm on the cutting edge of something 6 years old. :
  2. Nope, but I'm glad it made you smile. :
  3. (Sorry for the delay responding) You are right that designating text by changing the formatting would not make sense, if I would need to be searching for this data. I'm not really collecting this as data. This particular layout is fairly static and self contained and would simply be a printout. Being able to change the text formatting works for my purpose. This is only a part of a larger project. Strictly speaking, what I'm working on is not a typical database, but does take advantage of many of the capabilities of FileMaker, including some relational features and the ability
  4. You are correct, that is pretty vague. But, it is essentially accurate. It is a kind on inspection report where the user would indicate the condition of what they are looking at by using a checklist. There would be major categories, like "Left Rear Tire" which would be selected with a check box. The sub categories "low pressure" "high wear" "cupping", etc. would be listed across. The user would indicate the tire condition by selecting the word, changing its format. The client does not want to use more check boxes, radio buttons, or pull down lists. However, after think
  5. Thanks, all for the quick responses. To expand on my situation, I will have a list of words on a page. Ideally, the user would select each word they needed to by clicking on it, changing it from plain to bold. In response to Lee: This works great and is a very simple solution. (Actually, you gave a similar response to someone else a few years ago [color:blue]http://www.fmforums.com/forum/showtopic.php?tid/191035/ which I came across researching the topic before I posted. I probably should have realized that I could have adapted that one.) I can make the button clear
  6. Hello. I'm recently back to FileMaker and new to the forum, so thanks for any help. I'm trying to do something that I'm sure is fairly simple, but can not seem to wrap my aging brain around it. I want to toggle a the text in a field between two different type styles--plain and bold, for example. I can set button options for the field and use the TextStyleAdd function to change the text to bold, but I'm not sure how to change it back (without setting up a second TextStyleRemove button). I thought I'd use a simple If...Then calculation to change it. Essentially, one that di
  7. This clarifies things. My export script put the photo where I wanted it to go (and gave it a name). I'd assumed it could just pick up the name from the variable. Admittedly, my logic was wrong. Thanks again for your help. Much appreciated.
  8. Got it! Thanks for your input. It put me on the right path (no pun intended) and I was able to find just what I needed.
  9. Thanks, BruceR. I want to make sure I understand the logic here. In essence, within the Set Variable script, I need to not only define the variable, but also specify where the target file will be end up on my computer? Is that correct?
  10. 06-01-10 04:41 PM - Post#40777 First of all, my apologies for being dense about this, but I am just not getting it right. I’m pretty sure the answer is easy and obvious (just not to me). I have a layout with: 1. A container field with a picture of a school (School address::School Picture) 2. A text field with the name of the school (School address::School Name) I want to export the picture into a folder on my desktop and name it with the corresponding name. I have a Set Variable script to create a variable called “$schoolName” Set Variable: [$schoolName;
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