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  1. Hi I have two files: FileA with near 4 millions of records and FileB have 140000 records. FileA have fieldA_ID of 11 digit number and fieldB_ID on FileB for matching purpose. The idea is to match FileA, fieldA_ID to FileB, fieldB_ID for getting the values (name, in this case) from FileA. Example: If fieldA_ID of FileA MATCH fieldB_ID of FileB then get the value of the field "name" of FileA. For this I create a relationship to match both field_IDs of both files but don't works. Could you please upload an example for this procedure? Thank you Tom
  2. Hi Bruce Don't worry, I found a way to create the algorithm using Portal Filtering with Script Triggers refreshing the portal automatically. It' works -) Regards, Tom
  3. WOW!!!, BRUCE, YOU'RE AND EXCELLENT PRO!!! Very powerful Forum that makes Filemaker so attractive. THANK YOU -) Bruce, don't want to abuse, but let me put the final "strawberry" to the "cake". I saw database projects using Objective C (it's nightmare to do it with XCode :-) and another high/medium/low level languages and there's a nice algorithm in search mode and want to know if can be done with Filemaker in this little file inside the portal on topic field in this case. Explanation: The effect I saw works searching the records simultaneous in any keystroke without using retur
  4. Yes, that's the idea. Thank you, Bruce. Please let me make one more question -) There is a way to make a click on one word in Definition field and then jump directly to the meaning in Topic field? That's the dictionary's way algorithm. I explain this: 1) Do a quick search with word "abajo" on Definition field. You got in Definition field: abajeño, ña (De abajo). 1. adj. Natural de El Bajío. U. t. c. s. 2. adj. Perteneciente o relativo a esta región de los Estados de Guanajuato, Michoacán y Jalisco, en México. 3. adj. Am. Natural o procedente de costas y tierras bajas. U
  5. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! It's perfect! The only problem is quick find and find mode don't works. Can't find nothing. How can fix this last problem? Thanks you again -) Tom
  6. Note: In Layout PORTAL you can know the real value of Definition field. Do a find and change the ID and you'll see it. In RAEBASE Layout, it's wrong, only shows the first value of definition.
  7. Thank you, Bruce, for your advice... I'm newbie in this Forum Here is the file DICTIO.fp7 and zipped DICTIO.zip in attachment. Please keep in mind that want all working in Browse mode only. I create field CODIGO with the same value to create a portal to list all the files to use in form view using TOPIC field. Need 3 things: 1) When click any item of TOPIC field then must be appears the value of DEFINITION field automatically. Like lookup effect but without exit enter mode. Only with a click in the word of TOPIC must trigger a find for DEFINITION. Now appears the first t
  8. Ok, I got the solution re-writing the relationships. Have all the records listed in a Portal. The goal is to click one record of the portal and need to appears the description in the field that is a very large field. I try lookup but is not a solution and when click in another record in the portal, stay in the first. Any idea? Thanks.
  9. Placing a field in a layout body part and matching the height of field with the body then you got the result that I want: listing all the records (with list view effect)... Can I do this with portals? I create the portal and the relationship and only list ONE record and NOT the list of record that was setting. If I have 500 records want to list it on a Portal with scroll bars but Filemaker Pro 11 Advanced v2 for Mac don't do it. Can you help me? Thanks.
  10. Thank you, but don't works.
  11. Hi I need to develop a simple dictionary (NOT a Filemaker Dictionary) that have the word and the explanation of that word. That's it. All in Browse mode. The idea is to click on the list of words and appears automatically the explanation. This database have three fields: Word, ID, Explanation. The problem is that need to list 20 records (of thousands) of the Field Word with portal (or other way) with scroll bars and when do a click on any word then must appears the explanation in other field as I mention above. I try to create a relationship of the ID itself to get the chance to use por
  12. Hi Using Filemaker Pro 11 Advanced on Mac OS X want to make a simple autoresize field (autoheight) in Browse mode showing all the content without scroolbars and can't do it using autoresize. Only get a fixed field's height that hide data when browse and want to see all the content. For instances I want to resolve this: if the field have 2 inches of height then data more than 2 inches are hidden. Solution: If data have 3 inches of height then want an auto-adjust to 3 inches, if the next record is 2 inches of height then want to auto-adjust the field's height to 2 inches and so on. Browsin
  13. Ok. I'll try. By the way... Your suggestion (HiliteSimple) http://www.briandunning.com/cf/578 is absolutely better than this one (Hilite): http://www.briandunning.com/cf/13 that is very slow for searching. Tested. Thank you. Best regards, Tom
  14. :exactly: Thank you... that's the solution. Now works properly. Only one refinement... This function works but change the color for example in this words: [color:red]dog, [color:red]dogs How can modify to use this function like Microsoft Word search option: Find whole words only? Thanks, this forum is pretty cool :thumbup:
  15. Thank you for your reply. Using calculation field it works! I enter this: HiliteSingle (Pages ; Get ( QuickFindText ) ; 253 ) The problem now is that only works one time and the text still highlight after the search. No more highlight after the first search. Need to enter an algorithm to turn back the color to black after searching and a way to allow a new quickfind after the first with this feature.
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