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  1. It still works for me - I don't have the problem you describe (FM version 11; Windows 7). The field is set to select entire contents on entry and formatted to show 12 hour format with AM and PM As you note, I edited the post to add the information I forgot to put in the orginal reply about the field having a script trigger attached.
  2. This works for me: Let ( [TimeEntered = Get ( ActiveFieldContents ); TimeCalc = Right("0000" & Filter ( TimeEntered ; "0123456789" );4)]; Left (TimeCalc; 2 ) & ":" & Right ( TimeCalc ; 2 ) )
  3. Just change the match fields to number type with auto calculated value 1
  4. Can't you just import the text file of these directors' names? This will give you the one name in one field. Surely, if you use all these names in a drop down list/menu that list will be rather long and unmanageable?
  5. ReleaseDate an auto entered date field: GetNthRecord ( ReleaseDate; Get ( RecordNumber ) - 1 ) + 7
  6. See this: http://honza.24usoftware.com/infinite-hierarchy
  7. Is the attached any help? It is a test file amended from an early version of Genx's file which used extra fields rather than global variables. SelectManyRows.zip
  8. Not sure if this is the correct forum for this ... I am currently developing a file to record class enrolments and producing the resulting student invoices for a small unit providing various classes. Students can undertake one or more classes and enrol for a term of these classes. Students can make a one-time payment to settle their invoice or can make part payments during the term. Many students re-enrol for another term of their classes following the end of the current one. There is a table for each of the following: Students, Classes, Invoices, Payments, ClassesLinkedToInvoices with
  9. I haven't got a copy of FM12 but have had a quick look at your file and its questions on the layouts on another system. Attached is a quick v11 file that may be of some help to get you started. You can open it/convert it to v12 format. recipes.zip
  10. Is this any help? http://hbase.net/2012/07/02/simple-static-map-overlays-in-filemaker-pro/
  11. Am I missing something? This file doesn't seem to do anything other than highlight the selected record anywhere in the portal
  12. I have a repeating container field that is used on my layouts to "highlight" whichever layout the user is on (the change layout script sets a graphic into the relevant repetition). I have attached a small file showing the setup. The repetitions are cleared at the start of every change layout script (there are only 3 layouts at present so this is done by 3 steps, clearing each of the 3 repetitions individually) before the new layout highlight repetition is set. The number of layouts in the file will need to increase and I don't want to keep adding individual steps to clear each repeti
  13. ok - will try this. Will probably have to ask for more help when I've done (or failed to accomplish) that. Thanks for the start...
  14. Yes, that is the rule: each index term occurs once, alone, on a line in the text file (and in one record in the FM file) and below it is shown its broader terms (if any) and its narrow terms (and their narrow terms) (if any). All these broader/narrower terms preceded by BT/NT respectively. If the index term is itself a narrower/broader term for another then it will be shown again in the list. So one index term may appear several times within the text list - preceded by BTx or NTx as appropriate. Yes narrower terms of NT1 term on line above. No index term has more tha
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