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  1. The solution I found for the failure of webviewer to display pdf files was to install Acrobat Reader
  2. Perhaps, I don't know. It's working so I don't want to mess with it. Now, oddly enough I can't display pdf files in the web viewer, instead I get a windows dialog box that asks if I want to open or save the file. If I choose "open" then it opens it in Internet Explorer 11.
  3. No. Solution: Downloaded FMP 14. Tested webviewer in FMP 14 running Google Maps and it works fine. Following a hunch and not wanting to upgrade the solution, I tested 11 again. Now the webviewer in FMP 11 works. Not sure what that worked but it did .
  4. Neither had Java. I just installed Java on the problem computer but still it doesn't work.
  5. The error message provides two links. One is to "update to a modern browser". When I click on this link I get web pages that states that I'm currently using IE11.
  6. Thanks. No change to either. It's odd because they are both brand new and both configured at the same time and have only a couple of third party programs installed including FMP 11, FF and scanning software.
  7. Mozilla was the default in both. I changed the problem system so that IE is the default browser, closed IE 11 and FMP 11, restarted but still no luck. Thank you.
  8. I didn't know you could do that. I can't find any information from FMP Help. How does one do that?
  9. Two new and identical computers. Purchased and configured at the same time. Windows 7 installed on both. Filemaker 11 installed on both. IE Explorer installed on both. Mozilla Firefox installed on both. The Web Viewer works for Google Maps on one computer but not the other. The failed Web Viewer provides the following error message: "You seem to be using an unsupported Browser". I've checked "compatibility view" and tried different configurations including disabled and enabled w/wo google.com. Always restarting both IE Explorer and FMP 11 after a change is made.
  10. From another forum: I wouldn't do it with Send Event, myself; I'd use Open URL ["file://C:/Documents and Settings/Alan/My Documetns/My Videos/Set_Yourself_Free.flv", no dialog"] Looked great on paper but it doesn't work either. This seems so simply but it just doesn't work.
  11. Thanks but it's still not working for me. Here's what I've tried. filewin:C:Documents and SettingsAlanMy DocumentsMy VideosVideosSet_Yourself_Free.flv filewin:C:Documents and SettingsAlanMy DocumentsMy VideosVideosSet_Yourself_Free.flv file:VideosSet_Yourself_Free.flv
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