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  1. Hello LaRetta, thanks for your response! The contacts table is linked to the email correspondence table through a join table to my Events table, then the email table (where this merge variable 'substitute' function lives). There's no direct relationship between Contacts and Email, so i can see the related Contacts from email but not sure how best to to make this work. If you could explain in simpler terms I'd appreciate!... how should i insert the Contact ID of the primary contact right in my Events table? thankyou for your help. Would creating a direct relationship between
  2. Hi all, Â I have an email template table where users of my solution can create data driven email templates which used to pull data simply from the same table. Â My problem now is that the data is in a separate table and there are multiple records to pull data from as merge fields. Â I'm pulling data from a contacts table where a few of the related contacts are flagged as 'primary' contacts. Â I want to pull in merge variables but get filemaker to identify the primary contact records and pull data from those only, or from the first primary contact in the sort order. Â Attached is
  3. Hi All, I have an events search icon with a script which enters find mode and set selection on my event description field... the event description field is set to auto complete with existing records to help find the right event record quicker... but it does this by matching the words at the start only... Is there any way to set it to match any part of the event description? Surely this is an easy one! Any help much appreciated.
  4. The related contact records are in a portal with a sorting script attached which switches the sort numbers... could it be that although they appear in order, the merge variable substitute script is putting them in creation order by default then? As the order I see them in the Contact|Events|Join table (sort field sort order) is certainly not the order it is pulling them in as variables... I'll create some new contact records and refrain from adjusting the sort numbers via my portal script and see if i get a different result. Any other ideas? I'll try to post an example file to show how
  5. Hi I have a sort field (auto enter serial) in the contact table and I sort via the relationship using this field, but when pulling in via this method there doesn't appear to be any order... it's all a bit randon no matter which way I sort the relationship. Should I script a sort order step in the merge calc somehow?
  6. I'm having real problems getting the getNth part of my merge variable script to pull in the correct record... The Email Correspondence table 'sees' the contacts records, but not in the correct order... The relationship is Contacts - Contact|Events|Join - Events - Email Correspondence I thought I had it working bu when i add in a third linked contact to the event it then pulls in the third contact rather than the second. Bit stumped!
  7. Hi, just one other thing, how do I determine the sort order of a table as it's returning the first and second contacts details but not in the order I want them.... I have a sort order auto enter serial in the contacts table which i use to sort and order the portal. I think I've found it... you can do it in the relationship.
  8. Hi, Thanks for your reply, and your suggestion, the relationship between email correspondence and contacts table is through the events table and the contacts are related to events via a join table. How would i pull in the second record in the contacts table as a merge variable? Ignore the pattern count find & replace reference... I meant substitute function... I'm using pattern count for another thing and got mixed up :0)
  9. Hi all, apologies if this is the wrong place to post... Here's my problem. I have four tables in my relationship... a 'Contacts' table, an 'Events' table and an 'Email Correspondence' table and an 'email templates' table. In my email templates table, i have merge variables which are replaced in a 'merged view' calc field using a pattern count find & replace, which works great. So for example if <<event_venue>> appears in the template creation field it is replaced by the actual 'event venue address' in the related events table... all good. What i want to be able
  10. Hi All, I've a bit of a problem with my solution... I've been doing some major redevelopment on the file, deleting tables, instances etc etc... the solution works fine apart from when I go to delete one or more records from the main events table in my solution... Â Â I get this message - Â Â Any ideas how I can sort this problem? I'm unable to undo deleted tables... Â hope someone can help. Â Steven
  11. I have just discovered my script works as required but only if the drop down is a 'pop up list' and not a 'drop down list'.... why is this?
  12. Hi all, I hope you can help. I have a drop down field in a portal with a value list attached, the value list is a number of different written functions, for example "Set Priority", "Set Normal" , "Delete"... there is a script trigger set to 'OnObjectModify'. The idea is rather than have many different buttons in the portal for these different functions I want the user to select a function from a drop down, and based on their choice, the script trigger carries out the requested task. But everytime I request a task from the dropdown, it always goes to the first record in the portal,
  13. Hi guys, I've used the list function to gather mobile numbers from a related contact table foundset, but when I ask that it places them in a text field in another table, it only pastes the first record. Any ideas why this is?
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