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  1. There's a new lead for me - thankyou so much Barbara. As you've probably guessed right now, I'm as far away from the US as can be (not because I don't love them). My wife is an Indian citizen and when we're living with the money 'tucked inside my sock' in order to get this thing far enough for those with bigger money to take us seriously, we can live here for a year on what you probably need in a month. Anyway, back on track, I've emailed Charles Durrwachter and asked if he'd be kind enough to look at this thread. Thanks again Barbara, Jeffry
  2. Yes Soren, the 'laptops' I quoted were actually just a metaphor for something much more robust. Imagine a small suitcase that qualifies as carry-on (at least sizewise) on one of our European cheapy airlines. It's guts will be made of desktop/server type components to speed the fixing anything that fries. As far as we've ascertained so far, we will also need an on-site server to handle the 50 or more 'laptops'. Battery backups, portable generators, and jump-leading straight into a truck battery via a battery backup are also options on our list. We're expecting the 'laptops' to get a bit of roug
  3. Thanks Barbara, as soon as I scrape the cash together, I'll be getting it ordered.
  4. Soren, I know this thread is going seriously off-track, though I like your style. (still need any time-trigger tips anyone has!!! : )
  5. Yes Soren I know - I know it may look like I'm trying to create something only seen in futuristic movies. Though some of those we saw back in the 70's and 80's are quite the norm in reality now. Maybe I'll fall flat on my face - who knows - and as I said, we have B,C,D plans for as much as possible (and once we get a wider skill-range in our volunteer base we'll undoubtedly create more). When I was in fire and rescue you'd be quite surprised at some of the C and D plans that you'd never find in the training manuals. Ultimately, I want the database to handle as much as possible, as easily as po
  6. Thanks for the info about using separate windows - this sounds like a good workaround. If it works fine in filemaker - fantastic - the jobs cracked. If it helps the people at SAHANA or any other open source whizz-kids to see exactly what's needed, it could speed up making an open-source version a great deal. Either way, I think filemaker is my best bet at this moment. Thanks Comment
  7. Soren, thanks for the tip on myFmbutlers Clipmanager - I'll try to get a copy as it appears it can overcome some of the difficulties I've been having (importing handwritten scripts)
  8. Please forgive me for this lengthy reply (and yes I know it causes this post to temporarily drift off the direct subject matter). I simply don't know how else to explain and I'm very aware that I need assistance in this topic. A small handful of colleagues on a spare-time basis, along with myself are setting up a voluntary organization. The purpose of this organization is to attend a site where a major disaster has occurred. (Let's call it Earthquake Island). The capital of Earthquake Island is Earthquake city and predictably a big earthquake, tsunami or something similar has occurre
  9. Vaughan, thanks for the FM server tip. All assistance is gratefully received. I had realised that eventually an FM server will be required but potential donors to this disaster relief project want to see something up and running before they drop any more bucks in the bucket. For the last 3 years, we've been mind-mapping the whole process from beginning to end, with very few people actively involved. We've all worked for free (in my case full-time). It's only now that the mind-mapping of all the operations is sufficiently developed that I'm learning databasing from scratch. I think Soren's
  10. Laretta, thanks for the 'heads up' on scripts not functioning whilst in developer mode. At least that puts my mind at rest that I haven't inadvertently messed up efan's script. Big help
  11. Apologies for bothering you again Efan (I can imagine the look on your face as you read this). The script runs perfectly EXCEPT when I switch to layout mode and start developing - then it seems to cancel itself. If I go back to browse or any of the user modes it stays cancelled and at this stage I'm spending most of my time in developing. Is there an extra scriptstep or maybe even an extra script. that will keep triggering the auto-backup when I switch between layout and user mode? Secondly, (and I know you might be wishing you'd not got involved in the first place by now), my database is
  12. Efan - absolute genius - thankyou so much. Just in case anyone's as dumb as me - after you create a field in your file called LastBackup and place it in a layout, you'll have to open the script called backup and the setfield will say table missing so you'll have to go and find your field by double clicking that scriptstep and finding it in the normal way. If you want to save your backups in another folder than the original, you then have to click on the save a copy scriptstep and then click specify, wipe out what's already in the specify, browse to the right folder - save the file as $fil
  13. ok efan, let's see if I can help to show you where I'm going wrong. Here in remote India, power failures, connection failures, backup generator failures are so common it's making life a nightmare. I've also being given the task of designing the database for a very large disaster relief project with no previous skills. Between me messing up, power failures, internet downages etc - these events happen currently 10-30 times a day and the potential sponsors want to see something that works before they'll up the budget from the laptop I'm working on with one of those 4 hour (Really 15 minutes) batt
  14. wonderful solution efan, though I have a newbie dumbo problem. I'm using FM11pro adv and my script editor won't let me paste the script I copied from your post. I've tried several ways but for one reason or another it always rejects - any tips?
  15. Just an update to this. Your file example works great but when I tried using it in my file I struggled to get it to work. I found another way that I should have figured before. The script is a bit longer and there was more work but anyway it works just fine. First make a value list with A, B, C, D, E Then make sure your tabs are named with corresponding names (A thru E) Then set Tab E as the default Then use an If fieldname = "A" statement followed by a Goto Object "A" Else if fieldname = "B" followed by a Goto Object "B" etc etc until you reach the end of your choices The last
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