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  1. Thanks for your replies, The article is useful, but it's a different application of keystrokes. I think I used exit script [result:false] incorrectly, but that's as much as I can glean. I tried the exit script [result: true], and it's the same issue, that it doesn't commit the change. I think the problem is that the allocate script goes to a different layout, at which point the selected text in the dropdown is cleared, so by the time exit script [result:false] runs, the field is already cleared. I could have the allocate script run in a new window, which might fix that, but I'd
  2. I have a dropdown that I'd like to be able to change with the arrow keys, then you press enter, it commits the value, and runs the script. Instead, when I press enter, it uses whatever the value was before I chose a new one in the dropdown, and runs the script. The script adds a line item at the end of an invoice portal, currently with the wrong value (unless I click, but I'm trying to get around using the mouse). I'm sure there's something simple I'm missing here? The following script runs on keystroke: if(get(triggerkeystroke)="paragraph (symbol)") Commit records/Requests [N
  3. Beautiful UI, looks really polished. The google search bar disappeared again, which is for me the most useful feature. I can't find what I'm looking for in the existing search bar, for instance "list found records" gives me an error that I'm using a word with fewer than 4 letters. Is it a thing of the site re-indexing like last time? Plus, it would be helpful to be able to search all content (or at least all pages, forums, help files, and maybe blogs).
  4. Thanks Kris, that's the info I was looking for. It is in fact hosted on a shared drive. It became corrupted, I suspect, after being force-quit. Currently having it there is the only solution, until we either upgrade to FM Server, move the tables to MySQL, or get more licenses (limited budget). Either that, or descending back into the chaos of excel. Thanks guys, -Julian
  5. I'm a bit lost here... I'm working on connecting with a MySQL database, just testing at the moment, to see if we could use it for something larger and more robust. This is my problem: Connected fine with the Actual ODBC drivers to MySQL, I can see the table, fields, etc... in a FM file when I set it up, however, if the MySQL table is edited outside of Filemaker, it adjusts the number of records that display in Filemaker (can't find the rhyme or reason as to which ones). It doesn't adjust the found set, but the records actually appear to 'disappear'. I put that in quotes, since if I go to
  6. Wow, I just did the same thing, going to layout after 'adjust to fit'. Thanks, you saved me a lot of head-scratching.
  7. Hey everyone, I've looked around on the net and forums, and wasn't able to find a solution to my problem, so bare with me if it's a simple solution. I've got a file that become corrupted (improperly closed), and has since been crashing. I ran recover, compacted, re-created various layout elements, and it seemed to work well, for a while. Now it's crashing again. I'd like to know what the best way to rebuild the database is. I've seen recommendations to build it from scratch, and am ready to do so, but does this mean re-creating every element, or opening a new file and importing
  8. I'd like to know as well, but would like to point out that your script could be dangerous since if a second goes by and all three fields have something in them, but incomplete information, clicking outside of the field will cause the script to continue with incomplete information. I think this is a simple question, but why does it say "Pause/Resume" if it only pauses, and doesn't resume?
  9. In case anyone else needs to do this, and has many records (more than 500), this solution could work: http://fmforums.com/forum/showtopic.php?tid/211266/post/341907/hl//fromsearch/1/#341907
  10. Going off of what Comment said ("You could search for * in the related Parent::ParentID field and omit the request. "), you could base whether it's root or not by doing something like this for the calc field: if(isvalid(Parent::ParentID), "child", "root") This tests the relationship for a parent, so since such a relationship doesn't exist with an orphan ( : ), it would come up as "root".
  11. Julian K

    FM 11 charts

    Firstly, thanks to everyone here on the forums. I learned Filemaker from the ground up through these forums. After brief excitement about the possibilities with graphs (live updating, for 1), I was quickly disillusioned with the limitations. The biggest things that would help would be some way to create new lines via either script or calculation, and allowing more than 14 lines per graph (!). Anyway, I created a hacky work-around for this (attached). It allows you to use a list to create different lines (which could be generated from a portal, if you like). The tedious part is creati
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