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  1. Wim, thanks a lot for your answer, because I had lost any hope to find an answer on these two French forums, yet usually relatively active : - https://fmdpev.filemaker.com/message/119284#119284 - http://www.fmsource.com/index.php/topic/50210-bizarrerie-enregistrements-vides/ As you have probably guesseed I am French, living in Paris. Consequently, I met some difficulties to build a generic English description of my problem, in order for this description to be easily understood by Anglo-American people, omittiong to describe tthe logical mission of each table. By the way, very oftenn, I re
  2. In the GestionEcole_23.fp7 joined file let us consider in Browse mode the INS_Liste Table modelayout which displa the INS table records : there are 14 records. 
Consider now the INS_Fiche Form mode layout : no surprise, there are also 14 records. Bur switch to Layout mode and look at any field, except the Zkc_Annee field : this fields is not drawn from the INS table but from the TO ins_PER__Eleve, double-linked to the INS table :
Zkf_PER(INS) = Zkp (PER)
Zkk_Eleves(INS) = Type(PER)
Zkk_Eleves contains the constant character string "élève". 11 PER records have a Type field which contains t
  3. As an example, I have created a very simple FMP11 file with two entities, 'clients" and "commandes". "commandes" has two fields, _kp and "numéro de commande" which is a number auto enter serial number. There is an OT "clients_COMMANDES" linked to the entity "clients". Link to "clients_COMMANDES" allows record creation from "clients" entity. There is a view "clients" associated with the entity "clients" ans a portal associated to the OT "clients_COMMANDES" on this view. I am unable to create new "commandes" records through the portal. On the contrary, if the field "numéro de commande"
  4. Thanks, it works. If I use calculation instead of referencing fields, which separators between value items to use ?
  5. Yes, it's a follow up, but much moe precise. I entered the value lists into two text fields referenced in the chart definition. I thought it was a story ike that, is "PILCROW SIGN"the name of this character ¶ ? Unicode 0086 I put it in my favourite special characters, it is the first time I meet it, I have stil to find the associated key combination... But unfortunately, whatever separator character I inset, ¶ (like in your mail) or ¶, like on this forum, FMP considers always like a single value.. In the exercise, they say to pepare five lines and to use Return.
  6. Which character to use to separate the different values of a delimited list of values, Return being inefficient ?
  7. It'z here Home > Designing and creating databases > Creating and managing layouts and reports > Working with charts > Example 3: Charting delimited data I have entered the two delimited series of five values Spain, Italy, Japan, Germany,USA and 15, 6, 23, 10,29 separated by Return character,but it does not work, it's like that the Returns were ignored, each serie is considered like a single character string, a single value
  8. Because theeach of the two files weighs 6 Mb, it's largely too big to be joined in this forum. The "right result" is the one which is presented in the Training Series documentation, and in the Soution file
  9. Hi, I am new here and in FMP11. I use FMP11 Training Series document to auto train, it's rather a very good document. But un chapter 7.3 about charts, even if I cautiously selct, copy under Mac PDF reader and paste under FMP the X and Y series definition, I don't get the right result. Is it possible to get a support from FMP training series ? Or may I give access in this forum to the exercise and solution FMP files through an FTP access ?
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