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  1. Sorry everyone, it is working now. I had to reverse the order of how I was stringing together the date elements in the script, and it worked. Even though I entered them in a different order outside of the script and it worked... ah well, no time to delve into why it works when I do it that way... just glad this roadblock is out of the way! Now onward to the next roadblock... 8^) Thanks for your help and suggestions!
  2. It's 2011/12/31, i.e. numerical year/month/day. I should say, I'm away from home until Thursday so have to put this problem on hiatus for a bit... But looking forward to your continued help when I return!
  3. Thanks all! doughemi: whoops, that was the wrong code, should have written: Set Field [Donations::Date Received; Globals::ReportYear & "/" & Globals::ReportMonthNumeric] idealdata: yes, the field is definitely set as a date field... bcooney: the date format is indeed weird, but it works... and I had a ton of trouble with date format back when I was setting things up, but it does work when set this way. Must have something to do with the date format on my computer.... Further troubleshooting clues: I tried simply hard-coding a date into the script, havi
  4. Hi! I'd consider myself an intermediate FMP 11 user, by no means a newbie, but something simple has me stumped. Maybe it's because I've been away from FM for a while... anyway, I'm trying to find all records in a table of charitable donations within a specified month and year. Doing it manually by entering search mode and typing in "2010/8" (for example) in the Date Received field yields correct results. But scripting it, using a couple of global fields, fails - it finds all kinds of stuff beyond the intended range. Equally puzzling is the fact that when I add a Pause Script step after s
  5. Aha. The data in the field (at least the example I referred to) is formatted incorrectly as data which - individually - are checkbox options, but in the case in question, are all strung together as a single unit. Thus not "2009¶2010¶2011", but "200920102011". Why that happened is a mystery in itself, but it certainly does explain why it's not showing up in "checkbox view". I guess I may have to do a search and replace to strip out this useless data...
  6. Nope. Strictly a manual check-off... so I'm wondering under what circumstances a checkbox-set field could show ANY data when displayed as an edit box yet not show any of its checkboxes checked when displayed as checkboxes... utterly baffling... and really messing me up....!
  7. Hi again! Well, after a hiatus I am back on this FMP project again. Maybe it's my time away, but I seem to be having a problem with this same checkbox set and basing finds upon it. I also guess I am having difficulty understanding some of the behaviour of checkbox sets. Trying to maintain "best practices", I am trying to simply do a find that gets me the result I want, before trying to duplicate that in my script. But I'm having trouble getting that to work. What i now want to do is bring up only the people who participated in the 2011 walk - they have the "2011" checkbox checked.
  8. I solved it... turns out all I had to do was a find on my first value for the field in question, then a "New record/request" to add the second value. Pretty basic stuff! Sorry to post unnecessarily like that... Although I've managed to accomplish some fairly advanced stuff in FMP, I clearly am not fully dialled in on some of the basics! Time to do a little refresher on "Find 101"...
  9. Hi all! Well, here I am, at the end of my rope, again... but with the help of the experts here I'm sure I'll be shimmying back up. I have a bunch of contacts, some of whom participated in a walkathon. One of the Contact table fields ("WalkerByYear") is a checkbox set, with the last five years listed. I want a script to find all the people who walked in the previous two years; thus, they will have either 2009 or 2010, or possibly both, checked. This has turned out to be, shall we say, less simple than I expected. I've realized that checkbox sets are indeed just regular text fie
  10. Aha! Brilliant - thanks. I knew there would be something like that, something I'd never have even thought about... Right! THAT'S what's different about those donations - the online ones don't require us to provide a receipt. I think I'm only about halfway there on the subject of table relationships - it's the concept I'm least confident about even after having made a lot of headway in other areas. Especially "x' relationships. Even though I've employed them already, I want to do more studying of the principles involved until the penny drops and i really "get it"! Oh, and
  11. Here's a "dummy" file which has been genericized but with enough data to show the problem. The donors who should appear in the report have "Currently has OGP" checked under the "Additional Info" tab of their listing. (OGP = On Going Pledge.) To see the problem, go to the Reports layout (there's a handy button for it), and hit "Create OGP Report". Interestingly, I find that NONE of the donations show up in the report here, though most do in my "real" database. I added all my summary fields used in the crosstab, to the Donations layout (another top-level button). Note that they r
  12. Hi! This feels like it will be tricky to describe concisely, but I'll do my best. Hopefully the picture helps. To summarize in one line: Summary fields in my crosstab report work for most records, but in part of the report they are blank for no apparent reason. BUT, other fields that depend on these "blank" fields for their totals have correct amounts in them! The details, in a nutshell: My database is a list of donors to a charity, along with each donor's individual donations (in a related table of course). I've created a crosstab report using the technique described in F
  13. Indeed, I just hadn't thought through my logic. This gets me the results I want! ( Year(Contacts::LastDonationDate) ≠ Year(Get(CurrentDate)) or ( Year(Contacts::LastDonationDate) = Year(Get(CurrentDate)) and Month(Contacts::LastDonationDate) ≠ Month(Get(CurrentDate)) ) ) and Contacts::Currently has OGP = "Yes" Thanks for making me think more clearly... :)
  14. Wait a minute, I see what you mean - I'm forcing BOTH the month and day of the last donation to be different, which is not the criteria I actually want. I just don't want to show the donor if the month and day are both the same... I think I need to take my logic back to the drawing board for a bit!
  15. Well then, I guess my question is, how do I phrase it to require that ALL the three conditions be true, not just one or two of them? Even if LastDonationDate is the same year, I want the donor to appear in the portal if it's not in the same month. I tried putting brackets between the last two conditions but it didn't make a difference in the portal listing...
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