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  1. Thanks. I don't have a good feel for the distinction between data and layout. To me, they have always been enmeshed. Is there a help article that explains the difference?
  2. It wasn't, but it now is. You have solved the problem. Generally, global fields can appear in script steps regardless of whether the field appears on the current layout. The Copy step is clearly an exception. Is there a way to figure out when presence on a layout matters?
  3. In a script, I execute a loop to compute a text string consisting of a comma-separated list of email addresses, which will be used outside of FM to send an email. The string is stored in a local variable, $EmailAddressString. When the string is fully computed, I set a global field to $EmailAddressString, and then I execute the script step Copy with target set to that global field. However, the string doesn't get copied to the clipboard. Instead, the Copy command produces Error 102: Field is missing. But the global field does contain the proper text string. Is there a restriction on Copy—i
  4. Somehow the layout structure in Manage Layouts is out of sync with the structure of the menu that appears on layouts. (see attached.) How do get them back in sync? I'm wondering if this is a legacy issue. I have jumped versions of FM recently—from FM 15 Pro to 18 Advanced Pro.
  5. Thanks, both. Consultant, I can see why you're confused. I can see that I abstracted away important information for understanding the context. The global fields in question are in a table, ProgramsGlobal, whose fields exactly mirror a table of non-global fields called Programs. There are different programs in the database corresponding to different coherent sets of workshop offerings. At the beginning of a session, the user chooses a program. The fields in Programs in effect, represent key settings for a program that don't get changed frequently. Each record in Programs contains the
  6. I want to do something seemingly straightforward, but it seems very hard to accomplish. I have two global text fields that a user sets in a table TGlobal. At some point, I want the user to choose between the text values in the two fields, FieldOption1 and FieldOption2, which represent different options that a user can take at some point in the workflow. So ideally I'd like to create a value list, which can be used to present a user with the two clear choices in an elegant layout that contains a question and a radio button. So here's what I have tried to do. 1. I created a table, VLis
  7. Apologies for that misreading of the code, and thanks for the quick response. I suspect that there’s an underlying cause having to do with the recent changes to our computing infrastructure. Otherwise, why all the script errors? Also, the SMTP settings work when I send from my own computer. I’ll pursue this with my IT staff.
  8. I can't seem to easily share or store the export of the error log from FM Server 16 because I have limited privileges where it is hosted. But I was able to take a screenshot of enough of the log for you to observe that likely every script step results in an error. Please see the attached file "fm server error log.png." As for my own log, I believe the error is ultimately generated by a Send mail command. The result, if non-zero, gets passed to the script that invokes the Send step and then added to a log that I maintain myself. The log lets me keep track of any issues with the automatic d
  9. After upgrading to FM Server 16, I am seeing that the automatic daily script executed from the server side is no longer doing so without error. The script sends email reminders to workshop presenters scheduled within 4 days. The error code, which I record in a log, is 119. However, that code isn't listed among the error codes listed in the online help: https://fmhelp.filemaker.com/help/16/fmp/en/#page/FMP_Help%2Ferror-codes.html%23 Knowing the meaning of the error may provide useful information that will help me reconfigure the email account settings for the command Send Via SMTP Ser
  10. I have been using FM Pro on FM Server 13 since 2014 to organize a multi-college series of workshops with a handful of colleagues at other colleges in my university. The database is essential to our operation, but the number of users other than me needing to access it at any time is quite minimal. I must upgrade Server because my colleagues have upgraded to FM Pro 16 for a different, much larger operation that runs out of a different academic unit. FM Pro 16 isn't compatible with FM Server 13. Unfortunately, I can no longer easily purchase a standalone version of Server. The new cost of running
  11. I completed the process of creating posters using conditional formatting and iterating on a set of global values (as discussed above). I ended up using 6 iterations. I ran into no unexpected issues. The basic idea was fairly straightforward to implement. Still, implementing this was a fair bit of work and quite complex at times. The real challenge was writing code to recognize patterns in the workshops in each series; preparing records that corresponded to the rows in tables (each pattern required a different strategy); and checking for irregularities. In all there were 8 layouts, or templates
  12. Looks good. I completely missed the last instruction. It looks like I now have all options open. Thanks for getting me back on track.
  13. I tried to implement what I believe you are suggesting and wasn't successful, but I'm lagging far behind—in FM 13. I'm attaching a simple test database. If the layout that opens on launch (TestListViewWithGrid) properly resizes cells in FM 16 in Preview mode, then that will mean that my addition of line objects is correct and FM 13 hasn't solved the vertical-line problem. If cells aren't properly resized, then I must have gotten the vertical lines wrong. Please have a quick look if you can? TestListWithGrid.fmp12 I wish I were up-to-date on FM, but I must use what my colleagues all u
  14. I realized there would be a problem almost as soon as I got started, but much better to hit roadblocks early rather than late. For the tables in these posters, I will need solid borders. In the past, when I have used the resize feature in list view, I recall that I haven't used borders. That would have been for a good reason: the vertical borders will all extend differently depending on the amount of text. I'm attaching part of a PDF from a past layout that relied on resizing of cells, but I've added solid borders on two sides of each cell in an attempt to create a grid. One immediately s
  15. Will do. I could never have thought of this on my own, so thanks very much again.
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