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  1. I got a followup question. If I wanted to use the value obtained in each subsummary as a variable in a new subsummarized calculation, which road should I take? So, for instance, currently, thanks to your input I got a report page which displays total revenues like this: 2018 - 6.000 2019 - 12.000 2020 - 24.000 I'd like to add a calculated field to each row where the variable would be the subsummarized result divided by 12 in order to get a montly revenue (so in that case it would be 6.000, 12.000 and 24.000 / 12 that would get me 500, 1.000 and 2.000). Sorry for asking somet
  2. Thank you for your patience and pointers, it now works exactly as I intended to.
  3. This returns the exact numbers I need to get and it seems a much more elegant solution than the faulty one I devised. Only, I was wondering, can the LIST part be delegated to single fields instead of having one big field with all the results? So for instance have a field that lists separately A, B, C, etc taking the input from the previous calculation with the LET function? Otherwhise instead of getting for instance I get this Also, for some reasons I can tell FM to add the mandatory 2 decimals only for the last number while the first two results are 100 and 15 rather th
  4. I have a calculation that goes like that, I input a number on "Base Imponibile" (say 100), it adds 15% (it gets me 115), it then calculates 4% to the previous result (115) and it gets me 4,60, I then add 2 and the total is 121,60 which is perfect. And that's the part that works just fine. But I then want to make a reverse calculation, where I input the expected result of Total Calculation and tells me all the other values and here it's where things go awry. I'm attaching the initial calculation that works as a reference and the reverse calculation which doesn't work as an exam
  5. I managed to correct the leading/trailing, apparently you choose that on subsummary creation when you're asked if you want it printed above (which corresponds to leading) or printed below (which corresponds to trailing). Once I did that and replicated your suggestions it now works as advertised. You're truly helping me out man, I can't tell how invaluable your help is being on the matter. Now I may even venture into charting territory, another thing I could NEVER pull out with Filemaker.
  6. Exactly. Something like, adding to the existing scheme 2018 - 1.000€ 2019 - 1.500€ 2020 - 3.000€ 2018 - 1.000€ - 0 2019 - 1.500€ - +50% 2020 - 3.000€ - +100%
  7. I'm sorry, I didn't mean I felt entitled to get my DB debugged, I was just growing desperate about the issue, anyways, thank you for sharing your knowledge, it may be something trivial in relation to your skills but that problem really buggered me for days and your two remarks really got me going, it now works as intended. I have a followup question on the same matter, if you could advise me on it, I'd like to add a field for each year where it would calculate the % difference in yearly revenue, normally I'd go with a calculation field which compares two numbers in two different fields and giv
  8. That's fair enough. I hoped my mistakes where easy enough. I'm attaching the demo file, could you point me where the error(s) is. This thing is driving me crazy. I want to accomplish what you were able to. Please, be patient with me, it's my very first time delving with scripting in FM. Invoices Demo.fmp12
  9. I tried to make my DB work based on your example (it took me a while to figure out there was a script involved, something I never used so far) but I am still having some unidentified problems, even though (I think) I replicated the script and the table/fields, in particular my sub-summary by cYear is "Trailing" while yours is "Leading" and I have no idea how to make mine "Leading", nor I know if that is the mistake that prevents me to achieve what happens in your example, in your example I get a neat serie of fields each with years and totals such as (2018 - 1.000$ ; 2019 - 5.000$ ; 2020 - 1
  10. I know the solution is probably very easy but it escapes me. I got this database, which I use to create invoices, year after year, I created a report page where with a neat summary field I get the "lifetime revenues", "lifetime general expenses", "lifetime total taxes" and "lifetime total invoices number", which is handy, but I need to have the same data broken down by year, and I can't figure out how to achieve that. In another post I have been suggested to consolidate the three tables I had (Invoices 2018, Invoices 2019 and Invoices 2020) into a single table (Invoices) and then use a "s
  11. I consolidated the three tables into one as you suggested, I can now get a total revenue/tax/etc for all three years which is fine, how can I get, though, revenues broken down by year? Perhaps with a calculation field where I specify to take into account (sort?) records year by year? Should I use GetSummary or Sum? I tried to add an InvoiceYear field and a Summary field which is a sum of total of each invoices which produces some sort of lifetime revenues; then I created a Calculation field with : GetSummary ( sLifetimeRevenue; InvoiceYear) but it doesn't seem to work.
  12. I'm not even sure to describe under which category my specific problems fall into, I can only advance some hypothesys, so I'll just describe it and let the wisdom of others guide me. I have a DB with several tables, I use them to make invoices. With every invoice I input the desired price and it adds automatically 19% taxes and produces a neat invoice which I can print, these three tables are called: Invoices 2018 Invoices 2019 Invoices 2020 Now on to my problem. I wanted to create a forth table where from every previously listed table it would calculate the total revenue of
  13. Okay, thanks to you guys I finally managed to get it to work and the graph now displays things properly, I got a couple of follow-up questions though: 1) I wish to add a few other graphs to evaluate different fields with other pie-charts but since I had to order by the TYPE field how can I set it up? I mean, is there a way to tell FM to order by Field1 for Pie-Chart1 and by Field2 for Pie-Chart2 and so on? Maybe, and I am just theorizing, one could write a simple script to tell FM to sort by X when opening layout 1, sort by Y when opening layout 2 and so on? 2) Also, the mandatory sorting to
  14. Apologies for the confusion but this thing's driving me crazy. I have this database where a field called "TYPE" can have one of three alphabetic values (CSZ, CA, TRB), I need to make a pie-chart which displays the occurences of the "TYPE" field in a neat pie chart; I've been told in another post to make a summary field to count the occurences and to sort it to make it work which I did but I still didn't manage to make the chart work. This is the sampleDB: SampleDB - PieChart.zip
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