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  1. I hope Zulu can help me in this project. My department involve in recruiting new staffs for the company. Currently we are using FM 13 to manage all the activities. After we have shortlisted candidates , we create an interview event in FileMaker for a particular manager to conduct the interview. We have about 10 managers. All of them use Google Calendar to record every activities and events in their own Google Calendar . What we like to do is once the event is created in FileMaker for a particular manager, we like these events to sync with the Google Calendar for that manager. So each manager c
  2. Before FM 13, we have to display close to 100 fields on the layout. With FM 13, we can now 'hide' most of the fields either in Popover or slider. I called this "display-on-demand ".. Questions: Does 'hiding' fields in FM 13 improves the performance against having to visibly display all the fields in the layout ?
  3. Apologise if this topic had already been posted. We have lots of pdf created by another application that are stored in a folder. I am using FM 13 with Server. I like to be able to import the entire folder at one go. My container option are set to stored externally and open. I do not see FM 13 have an option to do that. Do I need to write a script or a plugin can help ?
  4. When you said 'slow' in showing records, exactly what are you showing ? List View or Form View ? Are there summary fields or un-stored calculation or are you trying to sort records ? All these have great impact on performance I remotely access my HQ database with only 1 Mb DSL with 20,000+ records. It is a bit slow but acceptable. Just have to watch out what we put up in the layout and optimise script steps. If we have lengthy report to run, we use server script to perform the report.
  5. When you upload image using 360Work in PHP, the image is stored in a folder in the FM Server. You have full knowledge of the path where it is being stored. After upload, I execute a FM script to insert this path into the FM record. Thereafter, from FM record , you can access this image because you have the path reference
  6. In PHP, you can't insert file into container. I used this product 360Work SuperContainer. Check out the documentation. It has a section on how to do this in PHP with code sample. You can download a demo. It works great for me http://www.360works.com/supercontainer/
  7. Page 133 in fms11_help.pdf "A server-side FileMaker script that is running on one FileMaker server cannot open a database that is hosted on a different FileMaker server."
  8. I think it is due to autosizing (anchoring) of some of your fields. Check with Inspector. Make sure all the fields are anchored correctly
  9. We used ESS to connect FM to SAP.Thereafter, we are able to read data from SAP. It is very straightforward. We have not tried this on FMGo though.
  10. You can try one of the following :- http://www.360works.com/supercontainer/ http://www.24usoftware.com/IWP
  11. Three questions regarding this:- 1. Can I upload document to a SharePoint folder ? 2. If the answer to (1) is Yes, are these document visible to SharePoint users ? 3. Can supercontainer retrieve document created in SharePoint ? Thank you
  12. Sorry I forgot to mention I am using IWP. So custom dialog and script trigger is out of question. May be making text color the same as background might be enough
  13. When user enter data in certain fields, is it possible to display password character like ********. This is to hide the actual data from onlooker
  14. It does login automatically. Not sure what is your problem ?
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