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  1. Thanks, you are correct, a summary field. Let me correct my question, does you answer change if I say it is a look-up from the target db to the source db that has the summary field, and then pulling the summary field to the target db. Thanks, Bob
  2. Is there an easy way to import a summed fields data into another db. For example, I have a summed field that totals the cost of several shipments. I have another db that uses that summed field, and I would like to pull the summed field from the shipping db into my overall db. Thanks, Bob
  3. I currently have a server the houses a db, and often have to import data from an external source. Often, this external source provides me an excel file, while another provides me another fm db. In both chases, I need to take the target db offline in order to import a file. Is there anyway I can import new data into a file that is live on a FM Server? Thanks, Bob
  4. @bcooney. I am a novice and am interested in the original poster's question. I too am considering providing a view based on user. Can it be as simple as using the security setting I already use for login, and based on account, have the database display only records entered by that user? The Get(AccountName) is the easy part for me, already using that to set some default autofills. Would it then be a sort on user on entry into any layout? Sounds easy enough, always does... it is between the thought in my mind and the keyboard where the problem typically occurs. Thanks
  5. It may not be as clean as it could be, but I have it working in a test file. created a field coordinator field uses validation from a managed list, while also allowing the user to override during data entry. This allows me to pick the alternate location for the username. the managed list has the users - location as described in previous posts. I agree it was the best design, but it is what I inherited. the coordinator field also uses the Calculated value selected on the Auto-Enter. The calculation basic makes use of the user field as shown here: If(user= "x"; "x - loc
  6. yes she should, I don't disagree with you. In reality, the name and the - location should be separated, but it is what I am dealing with in the current design. Even still, the users would want to the location to default to their typical location. I want to be able to provide that with auto-fill, but still give them the opportunity to change from the default as needed.
  7. thank you so much, now here comes the part that you say, well, if I knew your whole problem, I could help you in one shot. I failed to mention. What if Sarah, needs to be able to enter a record for a different area she is responsible for? For example, she logs in, but instead of having to create a record for DAL, she has to create one for HOU. In the latter case it would need to say Sarah-HOU. So, what I was hoping to do with the account name lookup was default the name to Sarah-DAL, but still give the drop down functionality so she could use to select Sarah-HOU. Other users, fo
  8. Thanks. It seems like I would have to have an interim step. Meaning, user logs in; therefore account name is captured. When the user goes to create a new record, the get account name grabs the name from the account, then must look up the table to then auto populate the coordinator field with the Sarah - DAL. For example, Sarah logs in. She creates new. The coordinator field would then have to get account name (Sarah), and because account name = Sarah it would auto fill with Sarah-DAL. I know, you are probably asking why Sarah-DAL, there is a bit of a crazy reason as to why, whic
  9. I currently have a field that the users use to select their respective names when entering records. The drop down list has names and a respective district, for example: Sarah - DAL. This is for Sarah the coordinator and DAL for Dallas. There are several names in the drop down. A request by the users was to have this coordinator field auto populate when they open the file. My guess is this should be fairly simple. I am guessing that if I add security and have the users login to the database I will have the identity of the user portion solved. How do I easily take that idea and use my exis
  10. @BruceR My post saying I had it summing was not in reference to the file I posted. The comment, "Elbow grease..." and then saying I had it summing was really saying, that since the time of posting the file, I have now have it summing. That aside, thank you for your support. I will check out your file. I have a bit of another problem that you may have taken care of in your file. I want to sort by region, then show all of the open and its revenue then private and its revenue for that region, before showing the next region and its results. Thanks again.
  11. Elbow grease... I have it summing per region. I just need to clean up the sorting.
  12. I have created a simplified version and attached it with the file extension changed to .pdf in order to upload it... see how it goes. Change it back to .fp7 and you will see that there is a example layout which shows the crude data entry, and a summary page what pull in the data. I eventually want to sort by type, region and then sum up the revenue by type, region. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. example.pdf
  13. All. I have a layout that is adding up revenue for various streams in one layout and then providing a result on that same layout. I have also created a layout that is pulling in the results of each record for a summary review of each transaction. Given the summary view of each individual transaction being pulled in, should I not be able to get a total on this second layout? Should I not be able to sub summary them by different types? When I go to create a part, it does not seem to allow me to do so. I am beginning to think the way the original table was done and how it is handin
  14. wow, thanks for that. 99.9% of the time, it won't matter, but you know how that goes. Sounds like I need to ask how they want to want to account the rare events that do occur on the weekend. However, testing using the + 2 in my equation, a Saturday event registers the Begin Date as the previous Monday, and Sunday start event registers (as you stated) the following Monday. In essence, the Sunday would be the start of the week for the Monday that is being displayed, and it should not matter. While the Saturday result refers back to the previous week, which is consistent. Th
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