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  1. Hey Guys~ Wondering if there is a primer or other way to view layouts BEFORE i publish them using IWP. I've been tasked with putting my DB on IWP and want to make it look good before I do. *I have already shared it so it can be viewed/used on the web it just looks horrible. Thanks as usual. Stewart
  2. Thanks Ron~ Turns out Port Forwarding was not set up properly as I was lead to believe... after a little bit of an ear twist, hey it works now. Miracles Never cease!
  3. Hey Guys! So here's my latest dilemma. Client has FMP10 and i have FMP10A. i need to make changes to the database they are using. I should just be able to "Open Remote" and input their outside IP address and make the changes right? Tech support says it should work, provided port 5003 and port forwarding are full operational, and they are. So unless they're just lying, there is another solution here. Client has Lion Server. I'm trying to use a G4 with OSX 10.5.8. I'm looking at literally ANY solutions, no matter how off the ball they are. So bring em.
  4. Hi guys~ Might be a silly question but how can I define what a button does in the "Custom Dialog" script step? I've been able to make window pop up with a question. "Are you done with this record?" the buttons are then, "Yes or No." Ideally a yes answer would close the record, and likewise, a no answer would leave the record open. right now both buttons do the same thing, the next step in my script (which is close the window) Did I just miss a simple If/Then step? and boy it sure would be nice to be able to define that in the custom Dialog specifications bo
  5. YES!!!! Thank YOU SO MUCH!!! i've been fighting with that all day! I now get beer.
  6. thanks again for the help! But I think I'm missing a step Here's what I have http://twitpic.com/65resn then http://twitpic.com/65rg81 Please oh please tell me the errors of my filemaker ways!!!
  7. in other words.... http://t.co/Dis6RFp that's a screen shot of what I'm fighting.....
  8. ok... I have that and it seems not to be working. Will the Get (AccountName) pull in the name of the account that is logged in? for example if the account SB is logged in and i run the script that Finds Records based on "POs::PO_Requester: [Get (AccountName)]" Thanks again for all the help!
  9. Hi All~ My latest dilemma involves writing a script that will find all the records that were created by a specific user. Basically it breaks down like this: User logs into the database. User wants to know what POs (records in this case) they've made and are still active (Y/N radio button). User runs script that pulls in all records that match these criteria. I can do all that. Easy with one user and one user ID. My issue is that in the script, how do I make a find step that will read the current user? many thanks! I've attached a file with the script
  10. My plan was to get a basic vernacular to start and then post questions and "HELP!!!" posts Thanks guys!
  11. Hi guys~ so I'm trying to learn some basic scripting and it all seems like gibberish to me. Does anyone know of a quick primer lesson that I could take that would teach just the basics. I'm not a programmer by trade but am fairly tech savvy. any help would be GREATLY appreciated! y'all rock! Stewart
  12. yes. As I wouldn't need the TCIN to be different for the clip after the immediate next clip.
  13. Ok here's the challenge. Let's say I have 3 timecode fields in a record. TCIN TCOUT TCDuration (all this timecode stuff works perfectly thanks to this forum BTW:) I want to be able to have FMP10 automatically copy the TCOUT into the NEXT record for the TCIN. For example: Record 1 TCIN TCOUT TCDuration 01:34:56:15 01:35:56:15 00:01:00:00 Record 2 TCIN TCOUT TCDuration 01:35:56:15 I can get it
  14. I'm not exactly sure I understand your question. I'm exporting the table that the information is in. there's only one. How do you do a line item export? It is of note that I didn't build this FMP DB but am trying to work with it. Originally it had a lot of security on it. I couldn't get inside it to see relationships or anything. So I exported it as a File Maker Pro Database and was able to find the fields that were giving me problems. This is when I found out the table didn't seem to keep the same formatting as it shows. (see example table above) Like I said I'm more than
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