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  1. I am sure this has been asked in many other topics, but i have a few questions. 1. Can I create MSSQL table/field from Filemaker environment? My OBDC Configuration is working, but I have to create all the fields again in MSSQL 2. Is there a way to create a MSSQL Field as a calculation? or do I always have to create a support field in Filemaker? 3. Should I maybe use MYSQL instead? Is There a diffrence in MSSQL and MYSQL from the point of view for Filemaker? Thanks for your time. David
  2. Work perfectly, Thanks Vaughan. I had already cleaned the file up in Excel first. Sometimes I make FileMaker more complicated than it has to.
  3. I have an excel file to import into FM. It has many duplicates, but they are different records. I need to assign an same Customer ID to all of the duplicates with the same name. Jack = Customer ID 1 Jack = Customer ID 1 Jim = Customer ID 2 Bob = Customer ID 3 Bob = Customer ID 3 Billy = Customer ID 4 Jack = Customer ID 1 When they created the excel file they did not create a customer ID. There are over 10000 rows in this file and about 700 customers total. Can this be done easily? I can not get any script I make to loop through correctly. CPE1704TKS
  4. The user will be asked where to print 3 times. They each have there own printer, so I can not set a default printer.
  5. I have created a script that saves 3 layouts to a single pdf file by appending them. I just can not find a way to print the file after it has been saved. I know I can open it in a pdf reader and then print it but I want to bypass this step. I also want to save the pdf to the desktop and also a network location. Right now I have it save to a temp location. Here is the script. I sure someone can help me to make it better. # Set Error Capture [ On ] # Allow User Abort [ On ] # Set Variable [ $path; Value:"file:temp.pdf" ] # New Window [ ] # Go to Layout [ “Kit Consegna” (Modulo Contr
  6. CHawk, I have just created a simple script, but it does have one flaw. If there are more than 1 tab with information it will stop at the first one. There can only be one tab open at a time as you well know. Try this file here. If it does work for you let me know, if not maybe BruceR has some more info. I am still learning Filemaker myself. Good luck ! of the 2 files is incorrect. I think the second on is the correct file. Sorry cpe1704tks opentab.zip opentab.zip
  7. dcs_Gill, I stand corrected. I just tried it myself and it does not restrict any ip. I am an IIS user and I know that I can restrict and grant access by ip inside of IIS. I can not tell you how to do it in Mac OSX 10. I am sure someone who uses mac server can explain how to restrict by ip address. Sorry to have wasted you time. cpe1704tks
  8. blentz, This example I made uses linked drop downs. If you go to the tickets layout and create a new ticket and select the location it will be a drop down list that has Boston, New York and Chicago. Then after you select a city go to the customer field and select a name. You see it only shows 2 names(if you chose NY or Chicago and 1 if you chose Boston) but not all 5 names in the database.You can use a category, zip, eye color, whatever you want for the first drop down. I chose to use the city because it is easy to remember and this is where the client address is. This drop down list is a
  9. CHawk, I just re-downloaded the file and it works as described. If I create a new record and select choice 1 it selects tab 1 and choice 1 field, so do the other choices. I created a new empty tab on the file so you can see it move. Try creating a new record and select choice 1 and you will see the cursor move to the choice field 1.(this is the exact same file except for the new tab) Hope that helps opentab.zip
  10. blentz, I am sure someone else has a better solution, but you can try to break it down by using a location then the name. If you break it down by selecting the location(state or city)first then the entire 2500 names do not have to be seen only those names from that region you selected. The value list will by updated dynamically. Link Let me know if this helps cpe1704tks
  11. cHawk here is an example with the tabs showing. I did a very simple script. I am sure Bcooney can create a better script, but this should work. cpe1704tks opentab.zip
  12. dcs_Gill, Yes you can restrict ip addresses, open you file and 1. Click File, 2. Click Sharing, 3. Click Instant web publishing, 4. Advanced options (Click on specify), 5. Check the accessible from ip address box, 6. enter the ip addresses Hope this helps cpe1704tks
  13. Sorry your right i did not attach it. Here it is. I apologize tau zi. lunch.zip
  14. ref1031, I created 2 tables. Number 1 is the subjects and Number 2 is the visits. Then in the relationships tab i created the relationship beteween the tables using the subject id in the subject field and connected it to the foreign key subject id in the visits field. Then I created a portal in the subject layout that uses the relationship showing the date, visit and notes(you can put any field from the visit table you want). In the visits layout, there is a pop-up menu, that gets its values from the subject layout(First and Last Name). Take a good look at the relationship, how the por
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