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  1. This would explain the removal of any value with a period directly after it. I would assume it was from my imported data. I fixed it by using the replace command to refresh the fields. Worked like a charm thank you so much. I did have to include a Substitute line in the calculation field to remove an extra carriage return, but this solution was a stoke of genius! Thank you!
  2. Understood. I have updated my profile to show that I use FileMaker Pro 16 Advanced and I do have some experience with custom functions. Thank you!
  3. Hey everyone! I am trying to pull out multiple alphanumeric serial numbers out of a giant text field. The serial number could show up in any number of places, but has a fixed format. I need the calculation to pull all occurrences of the serial number and basically put them in a list, to which I will then be able to create a join field from. Honestly, I have no idea where to even start. The serial number is always going to be 2 Letters and 3 numbers - example: AB123 Source (Text Field): Big and boisertious rock track, but time selling point, Track is a version of
  4. I think that the only issue with using a variable is that the Script is being triggered from another script and then passed back - the $var won't jump like that, will it? Thanks! d
  5. Boom! First off THANK YOU! I always seem to overlook the simplest answers! I took your advice with adding it to the loop to update my global field that I am pulling the data for - there is not need for the multiplier field because the loop is already taking care of it. I guess if anyone needs to know, I just basically appended the values as the loop was running. Set Field [LICE::Serial_List__gt ; If (not IsEmpty(LICE::Serial_List__gt); LICE::Serial_List__gt & "¶" ; "" ) & LICE::Serial_Number ] Thanks again!!! d
  6. Is it possible to create a text calculation (for use in an email) that will take the value from Field A "Serial_Number", and increment the number by another field "Qty" and create a line with a carriage return for each? Basically if Serial_Number = SN and Qty = 4 that I would get a text result of SN1 SN2 SN3 SN4 I don't have any related tables, and this is simply to get the Serial into an email. Thanks! d
  7. Is it possible to accomplish this when you have multiple values in the value list in a checkbox format and have no join table? I also don't want the ID's, only the definitions exported.
  8. I don't mind it not being "permanent" - really when I say permanent, I just mean that the number should only change if the calculation changes, not based off of silly things like the sort order, etc.. It seems like you are saying that I am on the right track, I just need help on getting the calculation working to give make the numbers show up in the right order.
  9. I just don't want to double enter, I would have to do this to over 4,900 files. I don't want to have to enter into a number field. It would be great if I could simply take the record number from the portal and use that in my calculation field that creates the actual track number. Thanks, d
  10. So I am using a Get ( Record Number) in a sorted portal, but I would like to use that number in my calculation.
  11. The numbers need to be placed permanently. After pounding on this for a minute, I am taking a count of all the 90 versions, 30 versions, etc.. All the 90's track numbers are what have been assigned, then all the 30s are the assigned track number + the total number of 90 versions. Now I just need some help getting a calculation going for the alternate versions. Because the alternate versions are not always going to be the same number, for instace, track 1 may have an alt but track 3 may not, the addition approach will not work. What I have done is to include a multitude of self relat
  12. I am trying to create a playlist track number calculation that will assign incremented track numbers to children records in a final cues table. The children tracks are versions of the original tracks whose track numbers exist in the playlist table. Tables are as follows: playlist playlist_items (join) finalCues All track numbers are assigned in the playlist_items and the finalCues are children tracks of the playlist_items. There will be many versions of a playlist_items for instance a 90, 30, 90 ALT B, 90 ALT C, 90 ALT D, 30 ALT B, 30 ALT C and 30 ALT D. What I would like
  13. I just wanted to say thank you this worked perfectly. d
  14. Thanks for the input. Wouldn't this cause Genre to show up twice because the Custom Function already returns the Genre?
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