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  1. AlesD

    Layout sharing?

    Unfortunately this is only possible with Filemaker file not with ODBC source
  2. AlesD

    Layout sharing?

    One more recent question. I have replicated my filemaker tables also in mysql. All names (tables & fields) are same. I've also keep same creation order but when I change my data source to mysql via ODBC connection all relations gets screwed. That means wrong fields are connected between tables. Any hint how to fix it? For migration I've used FM pro Migration proggie. Thank you EDIT: it seems custom order causing this problem and need to check that out
  3. AlesD

    Layout sharing?

    Separation model working as I wanted thank you for tip. I didn't know changing file in External Data Sources dialog changes content instantly without any extra work. Thank you
  4. AlesD

    Layout sharing?

    @Leeno we are still using version 12 @Fitch I 'll take a look
  5. AlesD

    Layout sharing?

    Hello, I would like to ask question for which I didn't find answer. I have several filemaker dbs which differs only by data entered. All tables and fields are same. My question is if it's somehow possible share layout design across all those databases because occasionally I need to modify that layout. Change it in all dbs could be time consuming. Of course I can have empty "design db" where I could re-import data after layout change but again it could be time consuming too. Also I'm wondering if is possible to use field name (in layout) without any table name and table would be used relative by table defined in layout? (Shows records from) Thank you
  6. Hi I can not fiddle out how to make it work. I have tried several browsers with same result. We are using FM 12 server. I tried this file paths file:///C:/file.jpg C:/file.jpg file://localhost/C:/file.jpg and few others I'm using this code in the Web Viewer which is working fine in FM client but not in browser "data:text/html, <html> <head> <style type=text/css> " & table::style & " </style> </head> <body> <div class='thumb'> <span class='helper'></span><img class='thumb' src='" & table::ThumbnailPath & "'> </div> </body> </html>" If it's caused by fact image is not present in web site folder as stated in document then my question is if it possible use unc network path in filename like file://///other_than_fmserver/networkpath/file.jpg. I wasn't successful either. Any help appreciated Thank you
  7. AlesD

    ugly webviewer rendering

    thanx for hint but not luck either with cutepdf or other 2 3rd party pdf writers :-( . I'm on pc, did you setup cutepdf somehow to get nice result? Should I zoom layout to 400% prior printing?
  8. AlesD

    ugly webviewer rendering

    Hi gang, I'm desperately looking for solution or workaround described in this thread http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/e880a9da7b?page=1 with no luck :-( In short: if you print or export webviewer all the content looks jagged, compressed Any ideas more than welcome. Thank you. AD
  9. Sorry to open it again. I have this expirience. When I set-up all the mappings it works well until I'll close database. After reopening all mappings gets lost and I have to setup again. I've tried to "save it" in local file as well as on the remote file with same results. What I'm doing wrong? Thank you
  10. that's exacty what I've done see my first post. I was asking if there is better option, nothing more....
  11. I know it sounds weird to have same field twice in one layout. But in my case it is field in 2 portals where is different filter aplied so thats why I used it. Anyway I can live with one search field. AD
  12. Hi guys, do you know an easy solution when you have 2 or more same fields in layout and you want to search for something? In filemaker after any of multiple field is filled by user other fields changes accordinly but in IWP others stays blank what causes conflict. My temp solution is I disabled find ability but one field. Have you better idea how to deal with? Thank you AD.
  13. From our observation it matters if odbc user uses local or external server authentification. LDAP user connection(login) is MUCH faster than via local account. Can anyone confirm this behavior? Thank you AD
  14. AlesD

    web viewer + iwp + word wrap

    Yes that's the trick! Only thing you need to take care is replace double quotes with single ones. Web viewer doesn't like them. Thank you
  15. AlesD

    web viewer + iwp + word wrap

    Hi, I'm using web viewer to display some formatted text from field and I'm unable to find out how to get same formatting in iwp. In filemaker everything looks correct but in iwp there isn't any word wrapping. I was thinking I'll replace CR with <br> tag but I need functionality in filemaker and in iwp. I've tried safari, chrome, firefox, IE all behave same. Any idea? Thank you AD

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