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  1. Hello everyone, just nee a little input. My supplier("A") has provided me with there catalog in a excel spread sheet with item#, desc....etc.. So my question is would i import all that information in to my current product table which is in my One database or... would I create another Database just for this catalog(which will be updated year to year) and ref it as an external source? Also if I have supplier "B" send me there catalog would I combine the 2 together or keep it separate? Any suggestions would be helpful...maybe you faced something similar to this. Thanks
  2. Whats the best way to change a date in a found set(All Records) to todays date? -Jay.
  3. So my relationship would be: Invoices------>PaymentLedger<------Payment Does this look correct? J.
  4. Boy...no kidding that is little too complexed for my tiny brain cells to handle at this time. Thanks everyone for the information. J.
  5. Here is the ERD...professionally laid out. J. ERD.zip
  6. Hi Barbara, thanks for the response. Orders Table is my invoice table. Those _kf you referred should not be there they were basically created when I started this project for test and trial I just havent got around to deleting those. There is a lineitem table for the orders. By the excuse my ignorance on abbrv... What is an ERD? Whatever that may be I get it for you. Jay.
  7. I am trying to add a payment for invoices. Similar to the way quickbooks handles applying new payments for invoices. Many times I receive One Check for Several Invoices. I want to open a layout and: (Select) One Customer (Enter) Payment Amount and see List of invoices for this one customer Attached is my layout. Can someone who has done this direct me and let me know if I am heading in the right direction. Do I need any other fields or tables or additional relationships?....Any input would be great. Thanks. Jay. Payment Receive Setup.zip
  8. Anyone have any ideas on how to do this?
  9. Is their a way to put saved finds(new feature with ver 10) on a layout? I am using FM Pro 10 adv. Jay.
  10. After adjusting...Now I have to escape out of the script and it only replaces the first line. Adjusted script attached. Script not working on portal rows_adjusted_1.zip
  11. Hi Dan, It only sets field on the first row of portal and not the other. Attached is my exact script. Jay. Script not working on portal rows.zip
  12. Hello everyone, Well I think I am more confused now then before I posted this question. Jay
  13. So are you trying to keep the many contacts attached to one company?
  14. The file i attached will only copy data to the first line in the portal is their a way to alter that script so that it will copy to other portal lines? Jay.
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