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  1. I am trying to calculate the yield for my items. The calculation is (Width x Length of belt)/.65)/144 My problem is that when i receive an order the width is in millimeters for example (37mm) but for my calculation i need it to be in Inches (for example 3.7 centimeters) how do i set up a calculation which will always convert the width from millimeters into inches and then carry out the remaining calculation?
  2. I am very new to filemaker and am struggling to set up a simple database where after entering one date in one field the second field automatically shows a date 45 days after the originally entered date. Please let me know how this can be accomplished whether by setting up a script or if it could be done without one. Please let me know. !!!
  3. I have clients abroad who are trying to access my database using the external ip address from my computer. All across the United States it works fine but they are unable to see the page. When they type in the address it says the address is not found. Does anyone know how to resolve this problem? The clients are in Hong Kong.
  4. As long as i can find record 301 it wont matter. How do i set it up so that the next record does says 301 instead of 303. Im pretty new to the software could you walk me through it?
  5. I have my database set up to automatically generate a serial number upon creation of a record. The problem i am having though is that if a coworker or myself makes a mistake and inserts and then deletes the record, the next inserted record skips the deleted number and goes to the next. How do i set it up that it does not skip to the next number? I would like to be able to add a new record that then follows the previous record without any conflict with a deleted record. Please Help.
  6. I tried using a portal but it didnt work. There is a relationship between the Items from the purchase order and the Item layout but it still does not display if it the item is shown in multiple purchase order. I must not be doing it right. Any suggestions?
  7. I have a database that allows an individual to select an item from a drop down box and from there, to see the description of the item, and what number purchase order it relates to. The problem though is that if that item is accounted for in multiple purchase orders, i can only see the first order that it was created in. Is there a way to set up a calculation or field that will display all of the purchase orders that this item occurs in? For example:Purchase Order Layout displays Purchase orders 1,4, and 5. Each of these orders use the item "Metropark Hanger" In the ITEM Layout i have
  8. What is then the best way to have pictures uploaded onto IWP remotely.
  9. Does anyone know how to access a container field on Iwp?
  10. I am trying to make my database available for users from any location. The problem i am having is that i can only access the database from my ip address. I have a netgear router and i have optimum as my isp. The problem is that optimum uses a dynamic ip address i am told i need to set up a static ip address but they do not give out any dns servers. Does any one know how i can bypass the dynamic server and create a static ip? How do i get the proper DNS server i need? Or Is there a way to set up IWP with a dynamic IP? I know its not as reliable but for now it will do. Please help.
  11. I am using IWP but cannot access my database from another computer. The port is set at 591. Please some one help.
  12. I have container fields set up on my database. How do i access these fields in web publishing. I would like to be able to insert pictures onto the database preferably using these containers. If there is a better way please let me know Please help.
  13. Wow thank you so much that was soo much easier than the conditional value list i created thanks for your help!
  14. Where can i access these tables?
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