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  1. I think there are a couple ways to do this, depending on what you are looking for, one way can simply be to turn the fields into a list and save it as a csv file and open it in excel, but more information is really needed, are looking looking for multiple Columns in the same excel sheet or just 1, If its multiple, will all 20 field always be populated?
  2. Perfect, nice technique did not occur to me..... thanks a lot.
  3. These numbers are simply the standard depth of 4 different board sizes. but if a customer wants to buy a board size that is 22.4" instead of 22.25 or instead of 22.5 then the board needs cut down, so their is an up charge for that. so ideally it would be if board is less than 25.5 but not equal to 22.25 or 22.5 or 25.25 then add $10 if board is greater than 25.5 then add $20.00 I hope this makes sense.
  4. I have 4 numbers.. 25.25, 25.5, 22.25, 22,5 If variable a is lower than 25.5 but not any of the 4 numbers in the list, then add $10.00 to B. or or if variable a is higher than the highest number in the list add $20.00 this needs to be in a calculation field. and advice would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I have used the below format before with a webviewer and scrapped the data I needed. it seemed to work ok, depends on your needs. https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=SEARCHFIELDHERE+site:facebook.com
  6. I think with yahoo its like http://search.yahoo.com/search?p=333-444-5555 or http://search.yahoo.com/search?p=3334445555 results vary slightly you will need to play with the phone format so you get the results you want.
  7. Sorry I misunderstood what you were asking.. if I get it right this time... your url then needs to be formatted like this, if you are using google. https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=(333)+444-5555
  8. have you tried trimming the whites paces, here is a custom function that I use from briandunning.com http://www.briandunning.com/cf/166
  9. This is our company database, it is not possible to post the file. I can try and reproduce something close enough for you to look at.
  10. Report problems. I need to sort this report  by lets call them winners and loosers...  if their projected percent change for the year is positive number, they are a winner.. if 0  or negative.. they are a looser. I need to print seperate stacks of winners and loosers with  sum pages. the problem is you cant really do it this way.. I can not look at that projected field and qualify it as a winner or looser..The problem seems to be it sorting out by calc field that determines winner and looser.. it  seems to freeze the computer Their has to be a simpler way to do this that I am just not thinking of... please help... see attached. Â
  11. ok. I got it. after getting away from it for a while. needed to add relationship and access that way.
  12. getsummary() not working Ok, this should be simple.. I have a report with several sub-summary parts. one part is sub-summay by _AccountID. on this part is 3 summary fields. sumisinrange14 sumisinrnage13 sumisinrange12 I need to add these together. so I added a calculation field GetSummary (sumisinrange14 ;_AccountID) this should show the sumisinrange14 field. but it is blank. the sort order is Accountnumber _accountID productgroupPeraccount2 so the sort is there but the getsummary feld is blank
  13. I have a calculation field called years defined as Case( Get( CalculationRepetitionNumber ) = Right(Year ( Extend(ShipDate ));1) ; Sum(Extend( ItemPrice by ProductGroup2 ) )) it is a repeating field with 8 repeats for years. then I have a a summary field called totalofyears defined as summay[8] = Total of Years in this shows the income for a specific product for that year. as shown in the above image. now for each year I need each quarter broken out. So my thought is to make an another field as mentioned by EOS but use If(Year (Extend( ShipDate ))=Year(Get ( CurrentDate ))-1; Case(Get ( CalculationRepetitionNumber )=Ceiling(Month ( Extend(ShipDate )/3)); Extend(ItemPrice by ProductGroup2));"") to go back 1 year.. however this is not working to get the quarters for 2013... and I would have used Year(Get ( CurrentDate ))-2; to get the data for 2012.. but no good.
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