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  1. I'm working on a database that was created in an old version of FM. There are several files, one per table. It has since been upgraded to FM7. There is a file for Jobs and one for Invoices. I've created a script to create invoices using a number from Jobs. The script copies a number from the Jobs file. It then opens the invoice file and launches a script. The invoice file's script creates a new record and pastes the number in the proper field. The problem is that if the number already exists, I end up with a blank record and "INVOICE NUMBER” is defined to contain unique values only. You m
  2. I have a database that is a list of hardware. Computers, printers, iPads etc. About 75 items. 6 or 7 of them are used as loaners. I'm creating a layout to keep track of the loaners. I've added a "Loaner Eligible" checkbox to the hardware layout. In my Loaner layout I'd like to have a drop down list that contains only the hardware that is "Loaner Eligible" I've managed to populate the drop down list with all hardware items but I can't figure out how to show just the "Loaner Eligible" items.. Thanks!
  3. I have a field set to validate by unique value. If the user enters a non unique value they get the canned filemaker error and the option to revert the record. How can I override this error in my script and have a custom error? Thanks
  4. Hi. The sorted relationship did the trick. Thanks!
  5. I have a database that shows name and date enrolled. The names are in one table and the dates in another. When I do a report the date field shows the earliest date for each name. I need it to show the latest date. Thanks
  6. Hi. I have a script that adds several records to a table via a portal. I want the script to only add records if the related table is empty. If there are any records in the related table I want it to come up with a custom message. Thanks!
  7. I can't believe I forgot Enter Find Mode... Thanks so much!!
  8. I'm trying to write a script that copies an ID number from one Layout/Table, goes to another Layout/Table and finds any records with the same ID that I copied. I'm trying the Perform Find and Set Variable script steps but can't get it right... Many Thanks
  9. Hello. I'm working with a portal that displays dates from a separate table. There are several records that have the same date but only want to see each date once. Is there a way for a portal to display a value only once? Thanks
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