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  1. Thank you for the tip, I found what I was looking for!
  2. Hi! I built my entire database on FileMaker, and now, I want to put it on the web. The problem is, that when I want to see my subsummary reports (with trailing grand summary) and graphics, it doesn't work. I can only see what's in the header and in the grand summary part. My graphics are based on my subsummaries, so when I look at my graphs on IWP, there is 5500 colomns, which is not suppose to be. I looked if it could be my scripts, but they are all compatible with IWP. so I don't get what the problem is. Do you have any idea of what could cause that problem, or is it just IWP that
  3. Hi! I imported a Excel spreadsheet into FileMaker, without setting it up automatically, and now, to make life more easier for people who will enter data into the database when I will be gone, I would like to set it up automatically with that same Excel spreadsheet. I've been trying to figure it out the entire day, but I can't find how. Does any one know or have a tip about how to do it? Because I don't really want to have to re-import the Excel spreadsheet into FM, otherwise I would have to start all over again my reports, charts, and layout, which will be quite long, considerin
  4. They were in the wrong field, because when I first created the coloums, there was "Amount" and "No. doses", but I didn't know that the number that was in te "Amount" field corresponded to the no. of doses, so some informations were into the "Amount" colomn, and other into the "No. doses" one. So when I learned they were the same, I just wanted to match them together.
  5. Thanks so much, Lee! I can now work on something else, your help has been reeeeeeeeeeeally useful! The big part of what I had to do this week is now done!
  6. Yeah, that's what I did, but thanks for the advice! But now, what if I want to transfert the content of Colomn A into Colomn B, but only into Colomn B's blank field. For example: A: 80 B: would become A: 80 B: 80 But if it is A: B: 80 I don't want the content of A into the B field. Don't know if you understand, but I would like to do this?
  7. Oh really? Didn't know that. Anyway, thanks for the grammar tip : And thanks for the answer, it has been really useful / helpful! btw, sorry for my english, I'm not bilingual, so I kinda have some difficulties.
  8. Hi, I want to make a script that will put every datas of one colomns into another one, because if I do it manually, it will be pretty long to cut and paste everything, and I just have a week to finish this. So is this possible? It would save me a lot of time, so I could work on something else on that database I'm building. Thank you!
  9. But when I try to do subsummaries as I showed in my first post, I still have 5000 datas instead of my number of year, species or breed. And I wanna do a chart with those subsummaries, so I don't wanna let it like that and have 5000 colomns into my chart, it's not really usefull.
  10. Here's the screenshot of my relationship graph screenshot.bmp
  11. Hi, I'm wondering if it could be possible to create a value list in relation with another one. I mean, for instance, I have my first value list, which is the specie, and I have the second one, that is the breed. If I choose "bovine" in the first one, I would like to have only bovine's breed in the second value list, instead of having ALL of the possible breed of bovine, horse, pig, etc. Is this possible?
  12. All the informations I have are into one single table, and I guess I will need to have 3 subsummaries report. And sorry, I'm not able to send it on this topic, I tried to saved my file as PDF one, but it takes way to much time It is already doing 20 minutes I'm waiting for it. Thanks for the answer!
  13. Hi, I'm trying to classify my datas into 3 categories: 1. no. of doses by year 2. no. of doses by species 3. no. of doses by breed the problem is that I tried to do the exact same thing than into the CD, the file called Demo 07_2, which consist to have a name and a number. Only that. For instance, I would like it to appear like this: 1. 2006 (number of doses) 2007 (number of doses) 2008 (number of doses) etc etc. 2. Bovine (number of doses) Horse (number of doses) etc etc. 3. Polled Hereford (Number of doses) Colon
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