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  1. That would be perfect. I do have a date field already.
  2. I'm creating a data entry layout for a shot logger. I want to be able to have a some sort of display on the layout that will show all the scenes with a shoot day of the current day. Not sure where to start.
  3. Thanks for all your help on these stupid issues that a newbie is having. I will give that a try to add it to my script and see what happens. Just so I'm clear that syntax should be added to my Applescript? Or am I totally confused?
  4. So after a little more work I think I need to re-think this whole thing. What I'm attempting to do is create a backup of a file that I'm adding to the database so I can track it. I have a photo and I want to copy it to one central storage location and then on to 2 other locations so basically 3 copies of the photo. So I'm thinking a container file with a script to move it to a central location then a copy script like the one above to copy it to the 2 backups? Thoughts?
  5. So after a little time off from the project I'm back at it. So I had a script working for Backup now it seems broken saying it can't find an object. I'm copying the contents of a folder to 2 other locations. This is the script I have so far: PerformAppleScript[set sourcefolder to cell "File Location" of current record set dest1 to cell "Backup 1" of current record set dest2 to cell "Backup 2" of current record do shell script "cp -R " & quoted form of the POSIX path of sourcefolder & " " & quoted form of the POSIX path of dest1 do shell script "cp -R " &
  6. Thanks for being so gentle. Newbie here. That Apple Tech article is awesome. Thanks so much for that. I'm going to try it all right now. I'll post back if I have any more trouble.
  7. So I think I'm getting closer. I'm using the applescript command to run 2 CP shell commands. But I'm having trouble getting the Filemaker filepaths to work in my Applescript for the shell command. This is what I have so far. set sourcefolder to cell "File Location" of current record set dest1 to cell "Backup 1" of current record set dest2 to cell "Backup 2" of current record set sourcefoldersh to my ConvertPath(sourcefolder) set dest1sh to my ConvertPath1(dest1) set dest2sh to my ConvertPath2(dest2) on ConvertPath(sourcefolder) set AppleScript's text item delimiters
  8. Sounds like it should work, but this is for the Mac Platform specifically. So not sure a bat file is the way to go.
  9. That's exactly what it is. I think the way I'm leaning is the shell script method. The only thing I'm having trouble with right now is inserting the filepaths's I have in a global field into the shell script. I assume I use the applescript step to perform a shell script. Or is there another way. Funny enough I'm using the troi plugin to create my dialogs for the file paths for the primary file location and the 2 secondary (backup) locations.
  10. My apologies for not being clear. What I am attempting to do is script a button in my FMP database that will take the contents of a folder that is specified in the DB and make 2 exact copies of all of those files in 2 other locations. That way at the end of the process there is the original set of files and 2 more sets in 2 other folders. Is that a little clearer?
  11. I need to create a script that will take all the files from one folder and copy it into 2 other folders. I have no idea where to start here. Thoughts?
  12. Thanks for the assist. I have the variable working. now, but when I try to add it to the calculation I'm getting an error saying there is a no such directory? So how should I structure the file naming part of the function. This is what I have currently. Set Variable [ $filename; Value:Get ( CurrentTimeStamp ) & ".mov" ] Set Variable [ $savedir; Value:BOSIS Basic::File Location ] Set Field [ BOSIS Basic::Video File; Grab_OpenMovieGrabWindow( "-Unused" ; "QTKit"; "Built-in iSight" ; $savedir & $filename ) ] I have the directory I want to use in a text field. But I'm s
  13. So I've been trying to figure this out for 3 hours now, I have no idea what is going on. Hope that you guys can help. I think this is the right forum since it is a calculation. If I'm in the wrong area please forgive me. So here is the script, very basic. I'm looking to capture video to a time and date stamped file in a predetermined folder location. For this I'm using the Troi file plugin and the Grabber plugin. Set Variable [ $filename; Value:BOSIS Basic::File Location & Get ( CurrentTimeStamp ) & ".mov" ] Set Field [ BOSIS Basic::Video File; Grab_OpenMovieGrabWind
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