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  1. I have 20 computers set to shut down automatically each evening and reboot each morning. it isn't practical to manually do this 365 days a year. Th problem I'm running into is that when FM is running, it blocks this shut down process and puts the apple computer into a weird state where it is trying to shut down but fails. Is there a setting in FM or in FM server or in apple Os X Yosemite that will make FM quit first? Is there an apple script that any one knows that can be run on a timer to shut down FM Pro before the shut down sequence starts?
  2. I witness the same thing. Seems to happen usually after running a script. I also am then forced to double click in each field or button to make filemaker respond. If I force quit and restart then the problem goes away.
  3. Thank you. I'm getting slightly erratic behaviors in Go but basically solved. This has led to my next Go PDF question. I would like to also save the same sample.pdf file into a new container field associated with the record so that there is a "static" copy of a signed consent form. I'm able to save the pdf, create the container record, but I'm unable to save the PDF to the container field. Any advice on this? I've tried a similar process as the email but no success. The other thing of interest is that when the PDF is saved, photos in portal container fields on the layout are
  4. I'm working with a Go database and trying to email a pdf copy of a FM layout. I'm able to save the FM layout as a pdf without any problem and I'm able to then email a message from Go to an external email but I'm not able to get the saved pdf to attach to the email. I can see the saved pdf file in my files on the iPad and I can open it on my desktop, so I know that part worked. I'm suspecting that I haven't set the file path correctly in the attachment options. Any advice appreciated.
  5. What is the optimal setup for hard drives, RAM, processors to maximize performance for a growing database running on FM Server 11 and FM Pro 11? We will have about 20 onsite clients, 10 VPN clients and 5-10 iPad clients maximally for the next few years. We are sticking with Mac and looking at either a top end mac mini server or investing bigger in a mac pro tower. We are running on a mac pro tower purchased 2 years ago and seeing serious dragging during busy work days. we have 2.66 GHz Quadcore with 6 GB ram. solid state hard drives worth it? how much RAM is too much? is it
  6. When choosing between portal filtering in FM11 or adding another unique relationship to the relationship table is there any argument for one or the other in terms of improving the speed of a database? The portal filtering seems like an elegant way to keep the relationship table tamed but do you give up or gain functionality in terms of the speed with which records can be found and displayed?
  7. Just to close this out, I wound up getting good help from Tenone. There is a strange bug in the apple OsX that sometimes allows and sometimes blocks a direct import of a signature but the signature is stored on the clipboard so it can be "pasted" in manually if it doesn't go in automatically. A few simple extra step but it now works every time. Thanks Tenone for your help in finding a work-around solution to this problem.
  8. I am using SCOpen script since my database is primarily used locally. It seems I would need to change my script so that when it detects a Go user it runs the open URL command instead? Do you have a suggestion for how to do this? What are the advantages of opening it in a web viewer instead? and how do you do it? thanks for any help!
  9. I upgraded to the 2.76 version on my server and then tried Go again. Still no luck, PDFs don't open but it looks like it's trying harder than before. Is there something else I need to do to my scripts within filemaker to allow this to work? AZ
  10. Anyone with advice on how to successfully, and consistently use Tenone Signature Capture on the multitouch or iphone/ipad to pop the signature right into a filemaker container field? I have had variable success with this. It will work for weeks and then just stop working with no explanation. Sometimes it will work fine and then on the next attempt fail and repeat failing to put the image into the container field.
  11. Is it better to run filemaker server 10 on a mac with snow leopard or snow leopard server for best performance, speed, and reliability?
  12. I'm working on access to PDFs on the Go right now. I'm not able to open any pdf's from SC360 on the Go. Did you have to make any modifications to your database to allow you to open a pdf? does it autoload in Safari? i would love that as a first step just to be able to see the info. My database and the supercontainer files are behind a firewall. The database is accessible on Go and working well. Also, i'm finding that even when opening a website from Go, the website doesn't auto-open in safari (it works fine from filemaker pro). Go gives me the option but then ignores it and ret
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