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  1. Thanks for that Christine, Exactly what I was after. DrC
  2. Thankyou for that - some really good little scripts in there too! DrC
  3. Has anyone found a way to simply set up window dimensions for layouts on the desktop Filemaker so that they fit appropriately on the ipad? Chris
  4. Thankyou. Will give it a go. Just to check - what is the 'carriage return' symbol in the script for?
  5. So just to confirm, if I have a bunch of checkboxes where each corresponds to a phrase of text, that when each is selected, the corresponding phrase is inserted into a designated field, and builds upon (appends) text inserted from the selection of a previous button. The goal would be to have a bunch of pre-typed phrases/statements, that when their corresponding button is checked, that text is inserted into a (text) field, to build a paragraph of text.
  6. Thanks Ended up setting up a layout that is just for the image field, and placing a button over the thumbnail that links to it. Seems to do the job
  7. Thankyou! There doesn't seem to be an shallow end to dive into when it comes to some of this stuff. Just have to keep swimming!
  8. So with the expression "$clientID", I have to preface the 'variable name' with the '$' sign. Yes?
  9. Just to check though, where I see the expression "$clientID" as people type it in these posts, do I have to enter anything here (other than the correct field name)? i.e. is the $ sign a variable I have to manually enter when designing the script, or just leave it as is?
  10. Thanks guys, The checkbox option sounds good - but will need to learn a bit more about that aspect of scripting first. Might keep that one for later tho. Chris
  11. Hi folks, My patient consultation notes table is set to display as a portal on the patient's main information layout (different file). One of the fields in the consult notes contains an image. I want to be able to click on that image in the portal so that it can be viewed as a larger object so I can see the detail of the image (and then be able to close that new window to return back to the patient info screen). Can I do this? Thanks Chris
  12. Hi folks, I want to set up a value list, so that when I select items on the list, it appends to other items in the field, instead of that item being exclusive for that field. e.g. value list contains (VERY simple example here); Red Blue Hat, Shoes, From this list, I want to be able to sequentially select certain items that build on each other, such that my field might, after the selections, read something like; "Red Shoes, Blue Hat," I've seen this functionality in an ipad program (Handbase) and hoped I could replicate it here. Chris
  13. I figured that by putting a button on the Client's main page, that linked me to their related records from the consult notes table, I was basically looking at the results of a search based on the Client ID. However, I have wrongly assumed that if I then added a new record, whilst the found related records were still showing, it would be added for the same Client ID. Also, the button doesn't work (i.e. link to related records) if there are no existing consult notes for that Client ID, nor does it automatically generate a new one for that client. Looks like I need to do some more
  14. Back again, Tried the suggested script but quickly realised I am not clear on some of the syntax. Below are the actual table names I'm using, and wondered if you'd mind filling in the blanks with the correct bits. Main table = Animal Chiro v3 Consult notes table = Visit Notes v3 Common filed = Client ID Thanks Chris
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