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  1. Thanks for your reply...sorry for the delay in mine. I checked out your link. I am obviously really slow......and a huge novice at this.......cause I didn't understand the advice given. ???
  2. OK.....sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Basically, this is what I've done. I created a table that has the Client ID on it and Diagnosis. I added the relationship from this table to the Clients table by the client ID. I also have a value list of diagnosis'. I then put a portal on my layout, with the diagnosis table fields on it. I have given myself three rows. I can then enter more than one diagnosis for a client. Now.........when I go to find, I did what was said above, hit find, selected one diagnosis, hit new request, selected the other diagnos
  3. Clients that have both. A client can have more than one issue/diagnosis, so that's why I'll need to record multiple for each client and be able to search for any combination of those diagnosis'
  4. So you're saying that I do have to do what I was going to, which is create three separate fields, diagnosis 1, diagnosis 2, and diagnosis 3. Which is fine. I'll make a table for Diagnosis', but, if I needed to search for all clients who have ADHD and ASD how would I go about doing so?
  5. Ideally a client will only be referred once and then just reviewed after that for changes. On their referral, or review, is when the respite info and home help info would be decided. It can change upon review. I know there is a way to update a persons info, which updates for future actions...but how do I make sure that it doesn't change previous instances? For example...on referral I may be given five hours of home help, which I got for lets say the first five reporting hours. But then I was changed to three hours so all the ones from then on need to say three. But if you look back at ol
  6. Hi. I'm in the middle of creating a database, which I made the mistake of thinking I was doing good on...until I got further into and realised I could be making major mistakes. I have attached a copy of an excel file, in which I have listed each of my tables and their fields as a reference. Thought it might be easier seeing it all laid out in front of you rather than looking at the disaster database I have created. Basically, I have clients (Table 1) which I need to record the info for Tables 2, 3, 4, 7, and 8 on. I thought I was to make the relationship to each by the client
  7. Ok...so would I still use three individual fields? Diagnosis 1, Diagnosis 2, etc? And if a client has lets say ADHD and ASD, if I needed to do a search of all clients who have a diagnosis of ADHD AND ASD how would I get those results, regardless of which field 1, 2, or 3 they entered each into?
  8. Another question! Sorry if it is another stupid one. I have only made one other database other than the one I am trying to create right now on filemaker. The first one I made was on Microsoft Access. On that database I was able to create reports for set queries, and some that prompted for certain information, i.e. a date range. It was very straight forward how to create and save these reports on Access, and I'm wondering if I'm just missing something in FM. Is there ways if I selected a particular report I made for it to prompt the user for information before generating the report?
  9. Ok....so I'm not sure if this could be done or if so how to even begin. Basically I have a database with client info on it that I need to record a diagnosis for each client. A client CAN have up to three diagnosis'. What is the best way to enter them? Having seperate fields for each diagnosis ie. Diagnosis 1, Diagnosis2, etc? Where the complication comes in, I need to be able to search for any given combination of diagnosis' so I don't know where to begin to get it to do that as well. I'm very new to filemaker, this is the first database I have ever tried to make with it, and only my sec
  10. Hi. I was wondering if I could get some help. I'm not sure what I've done wrong. On the clients page of my database, there is a table labelled service info. I am unable to select or fill in information for community respite provider and I'm not sure why. I've attached the database. The login is Admin and there is no password. If someone can tell me how to stop getting that to pop up each time it's opened too that would help. I've removed all the account names that I had put on there at first but yet it still pops that login screen up. Thanks in advance for any help you can
  11. Sorry..update..I just entered a client who is only three and it placed them in the over 18's group.
  12. The calculation you gave me Fitch worked great. But when I tested it and changed the date to see if it changed the group it just stayed on the original group it was placed in? How do I get it to refresh, say if the wrong DOB was entered or as they get older and move into the next group?
  13. I'll try that tomorrow when back in the office. Thanks so much everyone for all the great help!
  14. Sorry I've taken so long to respond. Basically I have two fields at the moment. One where you enter the date of birth, the other gives you the persons age in years and months based on that DOB. It will say 18 years, 6 months. I would need it to move to the group based on their age not a particular month. So anyone that says 15 years, 11 months or less would be in group under 16's; from 16 years 0 months - 18 years 11 months would be 16-18; and 19 years, 0 months and up would be Over 18's. Etc.
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