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  1. Thanks everyone for your input. The data security for this is not super sensitive so I think I will use a hybrid of the GetAccountName function into the button script to limit access as well as do mirror layouts with slightly different fields available.
  2. I just finished setting up a very basic Work Order control DB. I am trying to ensure that all work orders used get either billed or canceled. I have only created 5 or 6 FM DB in the past and the server and user security settings are always an issue for me. Basically, what I am trying to obtain is that User A to be able to click the buttons that will generate a Work Order number for either series, but User B cannot. Also, I have a layout that shows all unbilled Work Orders (only shows records with empty Bill Date and Cancel Date fields) that both User A and User B should be able to see and sear
  3. Did you ever get this issue fixed? I am having all the same issues. Works in the places you say, but the actual pdf gets messed up. Where you had a disappearing euro symbol, I have all "chinese" or random symbols. This doesn't happen all the time nor with all the different layouts I save as pdf. Any suggestions? Would the problem be with FMP, Preview or OS?
  4. OK thanks. That's good to know. Your help has been invaluable.
  5. I have been trying to do just that for about two weeks. I cannot believe that it was already a pre-fabricated FMP script. Thank you Michael and Tom. Just out of curiosity, how would that Loop script work for this case. I looked up Loop in FM Help but I couldn't figure out criteria I should be using for this example. If you are ever in Bermuda let me know. I owe you guys some beers. Cheers.
  6. There is no field with Origin information. The information from the container manifests gets pushed over as a tab-delimited file. To find Rotterdam shipments I need to search by a number of markers across Bill of Lading, House Bill of Lading, Vessel etc. to separate from rest of worldwide imports. That part I am having no problem with. My problem comes down to separating out my duplicates. I am able to do it, but I need to figure out how to clear/delete the contents from the Counter field across the whole database before I start my search. This is probably something really simple, yet I
  7. Have you already tried Manage>Accounts and privileges? If you are the full access user with password, then creating a read-only or data-entry only or whatever level of access you want to provide should do the trick. There are tons options if you edit the privilege set.
  8. The counter field is in the shipments table. I populate it with a serial number across the database. I also have a calculation field in the customer table that calculates the minimum of the values that have populated the counter field for any given company. Sorry, I had tried a self-join earlier to identify duplicates, but abandoned that approach. What I have is just a regular relationship between COMPANIES and SHIPMENTS by account #. EG. COMPANY A (account #1) has 5 shipments from Rotterdam out of the 10000 shipments in my database. When I populated the counter field for this found set t
  9. Thanks, I was able to get on a computer with Advanced and I stepped through the script. My problem was that there were already values in the counter field from previous tests BEFORE I got the found set and entered new serial numbers. So some of my minimums were not in the found set and therefore gave me back Duplicate. I have been unable to clear/delete the value in the counter field across the whole database. Any suggestions? Right now to get around the problem I am replacing field contents with 9999999 (my database currently has some 10000 records). I know this isn't very elegant, but i
  10. I am working on a database with two tables SHIPMENTS and COMPANIES. They are all connected by the field Account #. In the Shipments table I created a Counter (Auto-enter serial #) field and a Check Duplicates field. In the Companies table I created a calculation field Min(Shipments::Counter). Where the value in minimum is equal to the Counter field, the Check Duplicates field returns Unique and when not Duplicate. So far so good. This works when I Omit duplicates across the whole database, however when I try to do this for a found set it omits a number of Companies (first and subsequent h
  11. OK I finally got it after trying to smash a square peg in a round hole for 2 days I finally stopped trying to use Set Variable for $filepath and directly in the save as .pdf script put in filemac:/Volume/Folder/$filename and voilá! Wow, I knew it was simple but I am embarassed about how much so it was... PS. Thank you bcooney, I was thankfully able to avoid the SetVariable problem for the time being. I will keep that Getastext in my mind for the future.
  12. thanks LaRetta for your response. I tried that too. My problem is with the exact sintax in the Set Variable function. With apostrophes I can put in any file path I want, however I always get the message "Disk full...". When I try it without apostrophes I am told by FMP that that The specified table cannot be found. If you have any insight that would great, if not, thank you for your time anyhow, I would not have gotten this far without you.
  13. LaRetta, thank you for this information. I have been able to successfully name and save to the desktop and folders on the desktop. However, I am having trouble setting up a filepath to save to a remote location. If you would be so kind could you take a look at Post#362879? Thank you
  14. Hello all, I am currently trying to save records with a naming system. I am able to achieve this on my desktop (having already set the $filename variable) using Set Variable [$fullpath; Value: Get(DesktopPath) & $filename] however I need to save this file on a remote volume. In the Set Variable script's Value field, I've tried substituting the Get function for filemac:/Volume/Folder But I am told that is not a table and cannot proceed. I have also tried substituting Volume for the Server's IP address and surrounding this part of the function with apostrophies.
  15. Try the set variable script option. Name: $filename Value: Substitute(Table1::field1; "/" ; "-" ) & "_" & Get(CurrentHostTimestamp) & ".pdf" Repitition: 1 Then add a another set variable to your script (for example for a folder on your desktop) Name: $fullpath Value: Get ( DesktopPath ) & "Folder1/" & $filename Then add to the script Save record as PDF. Specify the where to save as filemac:$fullpath as well as the other options like Current record or all browsed etc. If you're on Windows filewin:$fullpath should work.
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