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  1. Hello, I have a centered text field (actually a merge field <<name>>) and would like to add an image right after the name but only for certain situations. The objective is to show an icon after a name if that person is new. I can add an image to the layout and do a "Hide Object When", but that makes the image location static. I tried creating a container field and then merging the two, but it doesn't show the image in the container field (ie. <<name>><<main::image>>). Another option is to make the merge field left aligned and then add the image directly
  2. Thanks Otmar for the response. It looks like the ORDER BY clause fields have to be in the SELECT statement, which then you have to include them in the GROUP BY clause. If you group by the first one you need, the second one doesn't really matter that much. Here's my final query. Let ( [ ~sql = " SELECT w.~monthnumber, w.~month, SUM(w.~smh*30) FROM ~workorders w WHERE w.~resort = 1 AND w.~date = 1 GROUP BY w.~monthnumber, w.~month ORDER BY w.~monthnumber
  3. I am using this FQL to generate data for a chart. The chart works fine when I have just the GROUP BY clause, but as soon as I add the SORT BY clause, it gives me an error "All non-aggregated column references in the SELECT list and HAVING clause must be in the GROUP BY clause." Does FQL not let you use both clauses at the same time? Let ( [ ~sql = " SELECT w.~month, SUM(w.~smh) FROM ~workorders w WHERE w.~resort = 1 AND w.~date = 1 GROUP BY w.~month /* ORDER BY w.~created */ <------ Stops working if I remove the comments. "; $sqlQuery = Su
  4. Thanks Rgordon. I just added that to the fields on our most problematic layout. I'll wait and see if any more blank records come up.
  5. Thanks for the correction comment! I didn't realize empty result was not needed. Putting the ¶ inside the case function makes much more sense.
  6. A note on my previous post. The Case function will go in logical order. Once it finds a true statement, it won't evaluate the rest. My post is for one calculation field. If you want it to check each separate variable, you'd have to do each one individually, either by a separate calculation or a separate script step. Example: Case ( Length ( $i1 ) > 0 ; $i1 & ¶ & ; "" ) ______________________________________________________________ Case ( Length ( $i2 ) > 0 ; $i2 & ¶ & "" )
  7. Just for some clarification, I'm assuming you're using the Send Mail script set to send the email from filemaker? If so, what part of the email do you want to save? The body? The recipients?
  8. Case ( Length ( $i1 ) > 0 ; $i1 & ¶ & ; Length ( $i2 ) > 0 ; $i2 & ¶ & Length ( $i3 ) > 0 ; $i3 & ¶ & ; Length ( $i4 ) > 0 ; $i4 & ¶ & ; Length ( $i5 ) > 0 ; $i5 & ¶ & ; "" )
  9. We use scanning with FMGo for all of our inventory management and Work Order creation. We have about 10 iPods that use the Koamtac bluetooth scanner. It was one of the only ones we found that was a "wedge" device, so it just enters the data like a regular keyboard instead of having to go outside of FMGo and come back in. They've worked great for us. No plugins or apps required. http://www.koamtac.com/kdc200.htm
  10. The "on commit" did not work. It actually made things worse so I'm switching back to "on creation". Thanks for the response Rgordon. We've tried to help this by setting the iPods to not go to sleep, so they are always on unless you hit the power button. We've found this has helped quite a bit but there are still times when the wifi might be intermittent.
  11. I forgot to add how to do the page numbers. adyf is correct on how do to that. I'm not sure if there is another way. To display the current page number with the total number of pages in a report (for example, Page 1 of 10), start by creating a merge variable named <<$pp>>, and create the following script for it: Enter Preview Mode Go to Record/Request/Page [Last] Set Variable [$pp; Value:Get(PageNumber)] Go to Record/Request/Page [First] Pause/Resume Script [indefinitely] Then, combine text, the page number symbol ({{PageNumber}}), and the merge variable on th
  12. Thanks for the reply Wim, we've had problems with "Ghost Records" as well. I've had it on my to-do list to fix this. I was planning on creating new records using globals and then send everything via a script when complete. We usually see this problem while using FM Go. I just changed the serial field to "on commit" so we'll see if that helps. Essentially it sounds like the same idea I was going for, except it's a thousand times easier.
  13. Align all the fields to the top of the field instead of center and reduce the size of the hyphen field (drag the bottom up to the top to make it smaller).
  14. Reid

    Texts Integration

    That's a great idea Matthew! But our employees do not have access to FMGo. I've read that this may be possible using a SQL database. SMS updates SQL database, which is connected to filemaker. Could that work?
  15. Reid

    Texts Integration

    Thanks for moving to the proper forum Lee.
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