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  1. Many thanks for your trouble. jd
  2. This must be so elementary I can't find anything about it in the forums. Forgive me, be as tolerant as you can ... I've got FMPro 12; on an iMac. I've made a database of about 2000 people ("A"). And I've got a file ("B") of portraits of about 250 of them. I have a button in A: it uses the ID of a person to find an entry in the portraits file B. All that works fine. Two problems: 1. It would be good to grey out the button if the person hasn't got a portrait ---saves time, and is considerate to the user. How do I do that? 2. Some of the peop
  3. So, what is the right way to input a value for use in a script? Let me recap, and be as clear as I'm capable of: I've got a table with a population of 2400 people, who were all members of a college between 1437 and 2010 (continuing ..) The table includes information such as: Name (text) Date of birth (number: 4 digits for the year) Year of entry (number: 4 digits for the year) Year of exit (number: 4 digits for the year) I can let users put in a name (Custom Dialogue), and Filemaker will find all members with that name. The procedure is to assign a
  4. Thanks. I'm grateful for bluntness ---subtlety often confusing. What I'm trying to do in this case is work on a population which enters and exits for short periods over the years 1437-2012. So: who was in in any given single year? how old was each individual in that year? what was the average age in that year?---and so on. The global variable I referred to so innocently is the content of a global field. Maybe if I called the field QYear? But as soon as I click it for global storage (to populate each record) it turns up as $$QYear. I can use $$QName to find all the
  5. I've spent 10 hours (including reading posts in the forums) trying to work out why my sums don't work. Forumistas have been generous in the past; perhaps you can also spare the time now to solve what must be a very simple error. I have a database of Fellows of an Oxford college, 1437-2012. There are 2,400 records. Fields include: Date of birth This is a calculated field: if we don't know the dob we use YearIn minus the average age at YearIn of fellows whose dob we do know : until about 1850 this is 22. YearIn a simple 4 digit year from records: when
  6. Many thanks: very useful, works well. What a friendly and helpful Forum. jdjd
  7. I'm entering data from 18th century accounts, which are in pounds, shillings (20 to a pound), pence (12 to a shilling) and farthings (4 to a penny). I need to add and subtract. I've seen a nice gadget for arithmetic with latitude and longitude ("sexagesimal evaluator" by Raybaudi, in Articles, Tips Techniques ...) and wonder how it works, how I might adapt it. All ideas gratefully received. jdjd
  8. Thanks to help from foristas, I can now produce a found set (usually about 40 people) from a file of 2500. I now want to summarise data on some of their characteristics. When I do Count of Surname, for instance, the result is always 1. And when I do Average of Age FMPro averages all 2500 ages rather than the 40 in the found set. So: how do I find documentation on restricting summaries to a found set? It doesn't seem to be anywhere ... With your help in the past I'm getting somewhere, and enjoying the results: thanks. jd
  9. Thanks to Tominator and to Comment. It works now. And I've got a model for other user-input finds. I hope not to be back, but your helpfulness will encourage me after say a day's fruitless struggle in the future. jdjd
  10. I am grateful to Tominator, and have followed his advice (and stuff in the Knowledge Base). I've added a field to my main table, and called it QYear. I have the user populate this through a dialogue: each record gets the year "1660" or whatever: it really does fill all 1,950 records with QYear. It is a global field. The next stage is to implement a find: $$QYear <= YearIn AND $$QYear >=YearOut should produce a list of all those people who were In in QYear. Problem: when I try to construct the criteria the field QYear is greyed out, and unobtainable, even though t
  11. Many thanks. I'll try it this afternoon: am grateful for the hints.
  12. I am a beginner ---please forgive an elementary question. I've got an fmp 11 file with 1,950 people who were members of a college at various times between 1437 and 1960. I want users to be able to get a report on who was a member in a user-selected year: call it $QYear. Then there's a find (each member's YearIn should be before $Qyear, and his YearOut should be after it) and various other little jobs. How can I let the user set the $QYear? I've read the manual; I've read the last 6 months' of this forum. I've got a custom dialogue, ("Enter the year"), but I can't see how to pa
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