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  1. I have a trouble of expressing a condition within the CASE statement. I have one number column "numtotal" with records numbers ranging from 0 through 27. I have a second number column titled "range" where the function happens. I'm wanting to range the numbers: 5 or less = "LOW" 16 or more = "HIGH" 6 through 15 = "BULLSEYE" I believe the "CASE" function is the right function to use, but I can't seem to figure it. Help.
  2. ChindoguMaker; Yes 2 tables linked by the same text field "drawn_number" All the fields in the NUMBERhistory table are: Num1 DRAWNnum1 Num2 DRAWNnum2 Num3 DRAWNnum3 Num4 DRAWNnum4 Num5 DRAWNnum5 Num6 DRAWNnum6 numTOTAL pick1 pick2 pick3 c3digit The MIDDAY field I want to "link" to is the drawn_number field, count and give me a total in the "DRAWNnum" field for a particular number. The "num" field is where I would enter the number I want to count. I didn't go any further on my file because I was worried I would screw some o
  3. I've attached the file for your review. Please let me know what I've done wrong. I know or "feel" I'm on the right track, but I've missed something. MI_PICK_3.fp7.zip
  4. After pondering this dilemma overnight a "light" popped on. (Even a blind pig will find food once-in-while.) Since I'm dealing with number permutations - meaning a group of 220 individual numbers (which include 720 non-repeating, 270 doubles, and 10 triples). And these groupings contain 1-way, 3-way and 6-way number combinations. I created fields: num1, DRAWNnum1, num2, DRAWNnum2, etc. The "num1" is on the "NUMBERhistory table, the "DRAWNnum1" needs to refer back to the "MIDDAY drawn_number field and COUNT the number of times that number has hit. There is a "numTOTAL" fiel
  5. I did that. The relationship is linked between Midday::drawn_number and NUMBERhistory::drawn_number. I used the "=" for the link. How do I get it relating to a particular number (example: 022)?
  6. There are 220 number permutations. These number strings will be placed in a new table called "NUMBERhistory". I'm stuck on how to locate a value from another field in another table and place a total for that value in this table. Example: the drawn_number is a field in the Midday table where the 3-digit number resides. Example from the chart above the number 022 has hit 2 times. The Excel formula I used for the above sample was: =COUNTIF(drawn_number,022). What would the Filemaker function be? Would I need to create a relationship with another table? B, C
  7. Question on my Evening ID (see jpg). You'll notice #1 and notice 1047. How can I fix this, I was a little uncertain about this and I didn't want to lose anything. It should read as 1 on 10/27/2007 (the beginning) and 1054 is the last number entered at 8/23/2010.
  8. Thank you for the help from both you and LaRetta. I'm going to "comb" over that "working" file to see where I mess up. I had already taken care of the "prior" yellow number working, but I was still having a problem getting the "MIDDAY" current number registering "green". I did change this morning the "boolean" field. And I did change the "sort" on the relationship page. Still I was getting only 0's and 2's being highlighted. The match still wasn't correct. Yours is working correctly - I need to study your file to see what I did wrong. Its gotta be in the relationship are
  9. I got the "yellow" (representing prior numbers working). I still haven't gotten the "green" working (representing current drawing – its still just highlighting 0's and 2's). Nor is the "match" correct. I've checked my sorts and relationships everything appears to be correct. Still its not working like the sample. What am I missing? Maybe I just cannot see the forest for trees, I don't know.
  10. I followed the "MatchAnyMod" example, that works exactly how I want it too. In my file its not happening and I can't figure out where I messed up? It highlighting only 0's and 2's, the "match" (Yes/No) is wrong, and it's highlighting numbers it shouldn't. Whatever I've done it consistent. I've checked and rechecked. Can I get an explanation why this is happening. Zipped are both files (the example and my file). Sample.zip
  11. ChindoguMaker; Thank you. I took a quick glance and yes. I'll take the time to study the in's and out's of this and LaRetta's to get somewhat of a "handle" on the interaction of the relationships, tables, fields and indexing. I know I'll be back with more questions on this piece of the pie. Again thanks to the both of you.
  12. LaRetta; It sounds that I have somehow upset or offended you and Lee, if that is the case please except my apology, it was not my intent to make light of the complexity of Filemaker or having a flippant attitude. And God knows after googling and reading the supplied manual, and getting more confused as days wear on what a breathe of "fresh-air" coming to this forum and getting concise answers, even for a beginner like me can understand. And thank you and the talented people on this site for the opportunity to learn "hands-on" from some of the very best and brightest in the bu
  13. This information will be use for summary page calculations, such as "How many times a number hit from the prior game". For display? Only an additional column was added on the very first example above. Export I don't believe so (why?). Yes, there will be double numbers, once in while all three will appear. Remember I'm not concerned about "numbers" as much as I'm concerned about did or not a number appear from the prior drawing and appear in the current game, then get a Yes/No answer in the "match" field. As I have mentioned above, I'm trying to learn Filemaker P
  14. Yes it is. I've been scouring the Internet for samples on how to write this function and came up empty. I don't believe it should be that difficult.
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