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  1. Hi there. I've searched the forums but couldn't find anything related to my question but im pretty sure someone must have asked it before. Is there a way to create an export template for saving to excel so that i wont have to recreate or respecify the fields everytime. The system does various different exports, but i want templates for each of these. Is this possible?
  2. Perhaps split the Bill of Lading Table. Make a new table for products/items and add them to each bill as a line item...?
  3. How about creating a value list with the different days. Then create a portal in your contacts table layout that points to the attendance table. Set the table relationship to allow creation of records via the relationship. The portal then only needs to have one field - Day. Example Day 1, Day 2 etc. Then each time the person comes in you just go to his user record then select a new day from the portal (on a new portal row each time). This will automatically create a new record in the attendance table and set the primary keys so its related to the record that it was created from (in this case t
  4. Might be a stupid question, but does this actually clear it from memory?
  5. Hi Sambucus. I've been sitting with the same situation lately as i've been working on a really badly designed system. I've come to realise that planning your database is crucial. Some tips i can offer is to look into the topic of ERD - entity relationship diagrams. Should explain relationships, normalization etc. When planning the database try to think as global as possible. Think ahead, always ask what if the business grows or what will happen when the database grows. They might only need one or two of something now, but what will happen when they require 10 or 100? So design and build your
  6. Agree fully! I just shiver uncontrollably at the thought of wading through that mess to get things a bit more up to standard. I would prefer just rebuilding the entire system from scratch, but unfortunately I'm not the boss and so its not up to me. Just dont see the point of a relational database if its going to be used as some sort of mutated flat-file-relational-database-thing. But cool, thanks a mill for all the advice!
  7. Thanks guys, really appreciate it! I guess by performance i mean overhead like processing and loading records, executing reports, performing finds and just generally opening up and populating a layout/record. I think I also only explained half my problem (only realised it in retrospect). The system i inherited is really badly designed, even a novice like me can see it. Tables are massive (2000+ fields per table in some cases) and there is an incredible amount of duplication because of excessive lookups/calculation fields doing lookups. The system doesnt have many records, all in all I'd say ab
  8. I was wondering, in terms of performance, which will be best: Say i have a calculation in a field from TableA that needs a value from a field in TableB (tables are related). Would it be best to have a lookup field in TableA that looksup the value from TableB then use it in the calc or would it be best to use the relationship between the two tables to directly reference the value in the calculation? I might be completely wrong (still a FM amateur) but my logic argues that a lookup does the lookup once and thats it in terms of processing, where as using the relationship has to each time process
  9. Thanks a million man, much appreciated! Sorry for cross post, wasn't sure if anyone was actually going to respond to my reply on this post :)
  10. Thanks for the reply bcooney! The system is currently hosted with FM Server with multiple users connecting to the DB. My concern is that the system is a mess I inherited from the previous developer and will need to be re-developed at some stage as the core of the system is rotten. I know my way around FM (coming from SQL)but dont know much about the details surrounding multiple files and what the pro's and con's are... Im wary of adding the new module to the existing system (hosted on a server with FM Server) if there might be a better option, but this is where im lost!
  11. I'm currently in the exact same situation and was considering the same approach. Did you get any results or can you offer any advice?
  12. How about make a button and attaching a script that takes him into search mode and pauses so he can specify his criteria. Then once the search is performed the found set is constrained to omit all records where not IsEmpty(DateDisposed). Or something along those lines maybe.
  13. I've recently started working on a new companies existing system. In my personal opinion the system is a complete mess and the architecture is BAD, but management begs to differ. Im from a SQL background and I'm thus not sure if things work differently in Filemaker so my question: On average, what would you say is a reasonable amount of tables to have and more importantly, how many fields on average per table? How many fields is too much? Currently they have 50+ tables, some of them with an excess of 1000 fields! Surely this cannot possibly be? What role does normalization play in Filemaker? T
  14. Hi there. I was wondering if it is possible to add two unrelated fields into one value list? I want to combine my supplier emails (Supplier table) and my customer emails (Customer table) into one value list, example value list called email address... Any ideas or comments?
  15. Ah, thank you guys so much! Im going to need some time to digest all the advice before setting my course of action. All advice and help are always greatly appreciated and in one way or another will help me grow and advance!
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