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  1. Hi there, I have some problems to put the date in English when it comes from a script. The only parameters I can modify are : - Either it takes the language of the OS (which is in French here) - Either it takes the language used when you created the DB (which is German ) ) How can I force it to be in English for all users ? Thanks :)
  2. Hi folks, I have quite a weird problem.... I have to search someone among a list of person.... this looks like this : This works fine for every one, except for the name "Frank Pintér"... The research is based on this layout : I do the name research (upon the "Name Concatenated" field) in every possible way (Last name first, then first name, first name first, then last name, upper case, lower case, considering the accents etc...) The thing is, when I manually research "Frank Pintér" using the search mode (Ctrl + F), it works... Here is the script i use :
  3. Ok, I made some tests, I think I located the problem... The thing is, when I am pushig the button to get to this layout, I do some stuff in a script, and after that comes the "Go To Layout ...", then I put the focus on the first field that needs to be filled up. But on the IWP, once you click for the first time on a field/list/whatever, it "activates" the fields so you can modify/fill them. After being activated, I cannot go to another tab.... Thank you for your time and help ! Regards, F.
  4. Hi folks, I (again) have a problem with the IWP... well, on the full client, as usual, everything works fine, which is not the case on the web client. I have a layout with a tab control on it, and I have some problem with it on the IWP... My problem is that, when I access the layout through the IWP, I simply cannot switch between the tabs. Well, if i clic on another tab, it does nothing, and if after that I push a button that redirects me to another layout, an error messages pops and says "Data not found: The following data cannot be found" (Translated from German) Y
  5. Ok, I found the solution, sub-summary field are simply not compatible with the IWP.... So I adapted my solution in a compatible way : Seeya
  6. Thank you again Fitch ! I am going to read this carefully in order to set up the good privilege set... Regards, F.
  7. Thank you Fitch ! Could you please indicate me how can I manage these privileges then ? Regards, F.
  8. Hi folks, is it possile to restrict priviliges on the IWP ? For instance, I want to prevent people from creating, deleting or modifying records. See printscreen >>> HERE <<< Thanks in advance :)
  9. Hi everybody, I would like to generate a report that contains sub-summary fields. It works very well on the full client, but if I access the layout on the IWP, no records are shown. Also, whenever I want to sort these records (even if there is nothing to sort -/ ) It's like if there were no field on the layout.... Is there any known issue about sub-summary fields and IWP ? I hope you understood my problem, it's a bit weird tho. Thanks for your help !
  10. Thank you for your answers ! I really appreciate. Well, I also tried to export in another local folder. But in vain The path is correct, but it just doesn't export and it gives me a "scripting error" : 2010-09-16 14:46:00.766 +0200 Information 645 PMDB Scheduled Task "fg": Scripting error (800) at "Dev_Patchlog_PMDB_V100 : PL_WebExportTrigger : Export Records". I am really getting a headache at trying to export this stuff ! I tried to export using "Get(DesktopPath), Get(DocumentsPath), Get(FileMakerPath)" .... F.
  11. Hi I just fell on your post and it's exactly what I am looking for... I am still pretty confused with the send DDE command. What should I put in the "Service Name", Topic, and command field ? Well, I guess that cmd /c "..." goes into commands, but the rest ? Thanks in advance for your help, F.
  12. Hi there, It seems that I have a small problem with a scheduled task... What I am trying to do is to run a batch script which will mount a share, and then execute my filemaker script (which is supposed to export records as a .xls file on the share. The problem is It blocks while executing the batch file... it stays in "processing"..... See screenshot : (Wird ausgefürt = Processing in german) ZOOM here Any ideas ? Thanks a lot in advance ! EDIT : The batch file works perfectly when executed manualy !
  13. Hi folks, I did not really know if I had to put this topic in the "Import/Export" or the "IWP" forum, so I put it here As you all know, the filemaker command "export" is not compatible with the IWP. So there is no direct way to export records in a excel file from there. I found a way (pretty complicated tho) but it SHOULD work. Could you please give me your opinion about it ? and IF BY LUCK, someone has the miracle solution, I will be glad to read it ;-) So, my solution : If a user wants to exports a bunch of records from the IWP, it will put a "command" in a spool (
  14. Thanks !! This works perfectly... Cheers ! F.
  15. Oh Thank you for the quick answer... I'm going to test that and I'll keep you posted of the result ! Cheers, F.
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