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  1. For anyone who's interested, here is my workaround for the above problem. On changing the field that contains the document (the doc that users need to open through IWP) a scripttrigger exports the content of a 2nd field. This 2nd field contains an HTML meta-refresh code. This html code tells the browser to reload using address x, which is in this case, the address of the the document (file://10.51.x.x/docs/01.doc) This record is written to a file called e.g. 01.html and is saved on a webserver (so a fileserver that can be reached with an HTML prefix http://) A third field contains
  2. I ran into the same problem, but there's a very easy solution to this. Instead of exporting records, just chose "Save Records as Excel". This will output whatever is on your screen, directly into a sheet. Including filtered portal records.
  3. Restarting all instances of the application solved the problem, records do now appear when they are created.
  4. I just noticed that the records become invisible when they are added by the users through IWP If i add them directly in the application they are ok. But that still does not explain why i can see them only if i search for them..
  5. I created a new table where users can add records to. The records they create are displayed fine through a portal, but they do NOT show up in the table view of the table - It contains zero records. However when i perform a search in the very same table, i get results! I find the 3 records that should be there, and the search result is : 3 / 0 Found. When i do show all records, it goes back to zero. I am clueless. I must be doing, without a doubt, something very stupid! But i've been working with FMpro for many years and i have never experienced this before. Where are my records
  6. Hi, I need people to be able to open procedures that are located on network drive through IWP with OpenURL Example URL: file://d:\procedures\01.pdf Now in IWP a http:// prefix is automatically added when the user clicks, so they simply cannot open the file. I searched the forum and found that some user had a solution (http://fmforums.com/forum/topic/32433-open-url-in-iwp/) but the topic old and the attachment is lost. Is there anyone that knows how to solve this problem? Thanks in advance.
  7. can anyone point me in the right direction?
  8. Dear all, I am trying to create a mirror of a database. So basically a secondary file that only needs to display 3 fields from the primary file. This secondary file will be shared through IWP so users can see the content of the primary file. What is the best way to do this? Right now, i have added the table (table A) from the primary file to the relationships tab in the secondary file. I create a new layout, choose to display fields from table A, and the data shows up fine. The problem is that under IWP, it shows no records. I have tried many different things to no
  9. The records now show up after moving the file to another share, the problem is now that whenever a 2nd user logs in, it shows no record (file missing) to that user. So only one user at the time can see the content. When i try the master file, all users can see the records simultaneously. Any suggestions? IWP access is defined for all users so it shuld be ok.
  10. Dear all, I have a ghost version of my database that i want to share via IWP (only 3 fields) However it shows no records at all through IWP. In FMPro itself it works fine. I came across a similar issue on this forum but that was from 2005. Also, the suggested settings (configure file reference) does not exist in my version of FMPro (11) I have created a relationship to the main table from the main file. Does anyone know what to do to solve this? Thanks in advance. edit: link to old topic: http://www.fmforums.com/forum/showtopic.php?tid/148350/
  11. patterncount seems to do the trick for me, anyway! Thanks a lot!
  12. To explain in more detail what i want, i am making a URL generator The flags in the url should be set according to the product found in the name field So, does it contain car? value = 1 does it contain house? value = 2 etc
  13. I need a very simple step but i just cant figure out how to do it. I have a field called NAME with the following value: johncartreehouse in a calculation field, i want the value "true" if the word car is found in NAME can somebody tell me how this can be done? i tried many things but i cant figure out how to search for a string of text. Thanks in advance!
  14. Hi Daniele, I didnt post all of the script, there is a show all records in it. (both actually, also an exit after last) You are absolutely right though - it could eternally loop without it!
  15. Thanks for your immediate response. Although i feared this is not the neatest solution, it does work! Despite the loop, when using freeze window its not visible what the script is doing and it finds the related record in a fraction of a second. Thanks again! for those interested: in windows 1: Set variable [$current; Value:Get(RecordID)] in windows 2: freeze window Go to Record/Request/First If Get(RecordID) ≠ $current Loop Go to Record/Request/Next Exit Loop if Get(RecordID) = $current end loop end if
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