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  1. @comment I have fixed that problem and now I am back at the initial question, looping through all the related records and replacing the key with the value. I put the new file back up at http://droidprofessor.com/tmp/ebayInventory.zip
  2. Almost, but what I want if for the Category to control fields. So if I choose a category of T-Shirt, the available fields will display automatically. I could have 100 different products of type T-Shirt and all would share the same keys, however the values would be different for each product.
  3. mmmm come to think of it that will not work either... any ideas?
  4. I was just looking at that myself and thinking that I should reference the products table, not the category table. I will fix it and upload the link, just give me a second
  5. @comment you can download it from here http://droidprofessor.com/tmp/ebayInventory.zip The script I am editing is called "Product Description from Template" If you go into the products layout you can run it by pressing the button
  6. Well this really sucks but I can't get the size of the file below 1.05M which is required to upload to this site. I have even tried zipping with and creating a clone with no success. The Administrators really need to change the upload limit!!
  7. I have three tables Products: id, name, category_id, description Categories: id, html_template CategoryFields: id, category_id, key, value The relationships have all been setup properly. In Categories::html_template I will have something like this {name} {size} {length} {width} now each of the keys (name, size, lenght & width) will be entered via the CategoryFields table. So every Category will have a different set of keys. Inside the Products table I set they key values using a portal. For example name = "T-Shirt" size = "M" length = "5
  8. @command and @BruceR Thanks, it turns out that @command was correct and I was using a text value instead of the id in the value for the field. All is fixed now, cheers, thanks for the help.
  9. Ahhh yes, good point. I thought that the text was an alias to the actual number because the field was set to Numeric only to find that this is not enforced. I changed the list to store the ID and display the name. The problem is that when you select your supplier, the id shows, not the name of the supplier. Is it possible to fix this?
  10. Ok, I have figured out what is going wrong but I don't know how to fix it. From the Products Table, all references to the product id are resolving properly (ProductResources and ProductItems). For the Suppliers and Categories it is not working because they have a foreign key relationship. So the question is, how do you resolve these types of relationships in FileMaker. For clarification, if you make a report using Products table. Products::id = ProductResources::id (resolving properly in a report) Products::category_id = CAtegory::id (not resolving in a report)
  11. thanks Well closer than I got, notice that the supplier name is still not showing. It has an orange circle next to it in the layout view, I think this means that it is not being resolved properly. I also tried adding the category name but that had the same problem even though we have the foreign key relationships setup.
  12. OK, I have attached the file so far. Basically want I want to do is create a report that displays each supplier and their respective product names, including the first ProductResource (An image). So at least three tables will be included. I may also include the Category table also. I will then use this when I go to the suppliers to buy items, I can just show them the report images as I buy them from markets and they don't have product ID's etc. This will be printed off. ebayInventory_Clone.zip
  13. I am making a report to show products supplied by a supplier. When I create the report, I select the different fileds from both the reports table and the suppliers table but when in browse mode, the fields of the relating table are never populated. It is as though the relationships are not working in reports but work elsewhere in portals etc. what am I doing wrong? See the attachement for relationships.
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